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Gareth Gates' BBC Lifeline Attraction for The British Stammering Affiliation – BBC One – jj

Gareth Gates' BBC Lifeline Attraction for The British Stammering Affiliation – BBC One

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http://www.stammering.org Pop and musical theatre star, Gareth Gates makes an appeal on behalf of the British Stammering Association, the UK’s national charity that offers support to adults, children and families who are affected by stammering.

The film features four-year-old Zachary, who suddenly developed a severe stammer just after his third birthday, making him so distressed he felt he couldn’t speak anymore. But with the help of the British Stammering Association, Zachary got the help he needed through early intervention speech and language therapy. He is now back to the happy, confident boy he was before.

To donate, please go to the website http://www.stammering.org or by calling 0208 983 1003. Or if you’d like to post a donation please make your cheque payable to THE BRITISH STAMMERING ASSOCIATION and send it TO THE BRITISH STAMMERING ASSOCIATION, 15 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9PJ.



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  1. I have a stutter but I don’t really care about it because all my friends are accepted my stutter and also my one is getting better than before!! I reckon that the important to fix it is what environmentally I stay in!!!

  2. Gareth Gates is a very inspirational person, he shows us that even though he's faced hardships such as his stammer he is overcoming it and most of all makes the best of it! Gareth you are a beautiful person from the inside and out! I have the utmost respect for you 🙂 also you have the most lovely voice! Have always been a big fan!

  3. I have been a great admirer of Gareth Gates but I wish he would kindly correct himself that stammering is NOT a neurological disorder, there have been no conclusive studies to prove so. Stammering is accentuated by nervousness, anxiety and shyness. Ever wondered why a stammerer can speak fluently when he's alone or around the people he's close to?

  4. i've only know a few people with stammers; one lad had a severe one- you just had to let him talk and not rush him or try and 'jump in' and finish sentences for him. i can imagine it being hard; people need to be educated, really.

  5. brilliant cause and as a person who stammers myself, this is really takes me to heart, once i was on a bus, asking for my ticket, stuttering, and i have gotten myself into a way of saying sorry for stuttering, the bus driver was so supporting, i felt better after he said "what you saying sorry for?"

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