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Halal Banking: Mansoor Khan arrested with hundreds of thousands of arrests – jj

Halal Banking: Mansoor Khan arrested with hundreds of thousands of arrests


The founder of the IMA Mansoor Khan was arrested on Friday morning from the Delhi airport.

They are accused of cheating money with hundreds of people in the name of Islamic banking.

Hundreds of people have invested in IMA Gold of Mansoor Khan located on Lady Kerran Road, Bangalore and this office is closed since June in Ramadan.

His company used to invest money in infrastructure, gold, fixed deposits, real estate, pharmaceuticals, etc.

SIT chief Ravi Kant Gowda told news agency ANI that the founder-owner of the IMA, Mohammed Mansoor Khan, was persuaded to return to India from Dubai and present himself before the law. After this he has been brought to Delhi from Dubai and the inquiry is underway.

According to the news agency ANI, after arresting Mansoor Khan, the ED has taken him to inquire into his office at MTNL Building.

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Maya spoke on the action taken on brother, said – Government examined everybody

Bahujan Samaj Party President Mayawati has termed the action of the Income Tax Department as politically motivated by her brother and party vice-president Anand Kumar.

The Income Tax Department has seized the Anonymous plot of Anand Kumar and his wife Vichalitya.

Mayawati said through a press conference, "BJP should peep in its periphery. If they think that they are very honest, then it should be investigated that the property of their (BJP leaders) family before coming to politics and how much How much is the property now? So that everything can be cleared in front of the country. "

Mayawati said, "I want to ask that since the BJP has come to power since then, the property of billions of rupees in the whole country is procured for the office of the party." Where does this money come from? It is not an anonymous property. needed."

Mayawati said, "BJP, RSS are racists, they do not want to see the development of dalits and other backward classes in education, business and other areas, they are creating problems for this in various ways but our party is developing these people. Is working. "

They said, "Dalits, tribals etc. should not be intimidated by them. If anybody is forced to do so, then our party will not go back and give justice."

Earlier, Mayawati had tweeted, "The BJP is still misusing the power of the Center and forcing her opponents into conspiracy to forcibly fabricate her in the case of conspiracy. In this sequence, my brothers and sisters were also harassed forcibly. It is going to be highly condemnable, but the BSP is not afraid and bent. "

He wrote, "Such a sordid act of government has also opposed us through income tax and CBI etc. in 2003, which is well known, in which we got justice in Hon'ble Supreme Court after a lot of conflict in the end."

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