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How To Bench Press Extra Weight With Correct Approach – jj

How To Bench Press Extra Weight With Correct Approach

Try this killer bench press set up to INSTANTLY increase your bench press strength!
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“How Much Can Ya Bench?”

The Bench Press is one of the most popular lifts in the gym. And it’s one of the lifts that people use to judge your overall strength and muscle progress.

In fact, I can remember back in my early days of weight training when I was still in school people used to regularly ask me 2 questions:

“How Much Can Ya Bench?”

“How long have ya been benching?”
It was as if the bench press was the only exercise anyone ever did LOL
Now the bench press is certainly a good lift, but it’s only a small piece of your whole muscle building program. But non-the-less it’s an exercise that people put a lot of emphasis on.

Every single guy who lifts weights gets a rush of excitement whenever he sets a new personal record in the bench press. For most guys it’s a high that can last for days. You’ll feel on top of the world when your bench is getting stronger, and at the same time you can feel down in the dumps when you are stuck in a bench press plateau.
So in this video training lesson I’m going to cover some very important technique tips that you can use to maximize your bench press strength by using proper lifting form. Not only will these tips help you bench more weight, but they’ll also reduce your risk of injury as well.


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  1. Been looking for this video for a while. Glad I was able to put in my favs. Quick question Lee, as someone who is 6'8" and has longer arms, how wide should my grip be? I notice the only way to keep that 45 degree angle is to have my grip closer. Thanks!

  2. Back in my day they would not allow you to put your feet like you're doing your feet were supposed to be flat on the floor and your back was supposed to be touching the bench if you lift back even a half an inch Off the Bench you were to be disqualified

  3. Lol wtf. I literally have to lower the bar a solid 8 inches more than you. I literally just can't make gains on flat bench. The ROM I have to do is insane compared to most everyone I see. My chest is developed well, it's just that on flat bench I'm weak as hell. It sucks.

  4. I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube about this subject as I have a weak bench and I have to say that this one is by FAR the best one I have watched. Thanks for posting it and will be trying it at next gym session. I have always been setting up as the first picture in video and I have torn a pec before and now I realise why. Just never got taught the correct way. Thanks again for the post.

  5. Ever since i smashed shoulder i stopped bench only doing free weights max is 42kilo at our gym
    Edit: lol i was practicing your image form before u said it 😀 way ahead of u bud 😀 i really want to get back to benching, in a ketosis transition i have like zero energy lately

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