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'I'm in a Sexless Marriage': Getting Assist – jj

'I'm in a Sexless Marriage': Getting Assist

Amy and Brad Witt open up about their problems to therapist Terry Real.



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  1. It’s insulting when the other partner continuously doesn’t want to do it…you can only meet someone half way…otherwise let your man or woman see an escort when he/she wants. Otherwise should the other partner suffer!! NO

  2. The worse thing is going to therapy to work on an issue, get the wrong advice, follow through with that advice, it doesn’t solve the issue, and so you think nothing will work and all is lost.

  3. My husband has a low sex drive I had an idea even when we were dating but because I came from a dysfunctional childhood I married him anyway. It’s been 17 years and I know in my heart we will not make it. The low sex is torture I am in my 40s, attractive, NOT fat, now it’s even worse because I’m supposed to be in my prime and my anger over having missed out on this great part of life is boiling over I will leave when the kids go to college. Everyone here is right it’s not normal he has a twisted enmeshed relationship with his mom and I do think he struggles with his sexuality he will never go get help for it

  4. Hang on so let's rewind. When they first met and before the children came along things were great right.
    Now the children are about things have gone down hill. Probably the wife is really tired so this is when it all falls apart and they are stuck in a rut.

  5. Best of luck to them, but this is what I have seen and lived over my many decades;
    Nearly all relationships end up in one of these conditions;
    1. separation/divorce due to unmet expectations, over 70% female initiation.
    2. Really long term relationships/marriages (long term = 20 years plus), end up in a platonic state.
    So the conclusion is this; “THE ONLY WINNING MOVE IS NOT TO PLAY.”

  6. I am beyond the point of trying anymore. My wife started out as a vixen and has since turned into a nun. I swear to god she wants me to ask for it well in advance, and bitches when I try anything spur of the moment. She only wants it one position for as short as possible. I am bored to tears with my sex life.

  7. I am a woman and my husband always has an excuse for not having sex. I'm frustrated, I believe that's the one thing u share with someone that makes the relationship exclusive and unique. I'm very pretty and feel unattractive most days. He prefers the porn over me. I wud dress up like a cop & he wud still turn me down. I feel like I would be less lonely if I were alone. I have tried everything even talking about it constantly & he doesn't change.My spirit is broken and my self esteem is torn down

  8. my last boyfriend wouldnt even give me a cuddle if his life depended on it, god forbid ever be intimate, and i understand she feels very rejected by someone who is supposed to love her. The problem in my case though was that rather than be dumped he started to force himself to give me the odd kiss but it didnt matter cos i hated the fact he was struggling to bother, so i didnt want him to.

  9. OMG many of these 'low-drive' individuals are not GAY, they are asexual! If asexuals just married other asexuals (or learned to compromise with sexuals), none of these issues would happen!

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