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In January, the utmost cash created in these mutual fund schemes! You can even take advantage- Worldwide funds give highest common return in January Know Every little thing in Hindi – jj

In January, the utmost cash created in these mutual fund schemes! You can even take advantage- Worldwide funds give highest common return in January Know Every little thing in Hindi


For long-term investment Mutual Fund There is a good product. Investment in mutual funds can be done through SIP. But the year 2018 is not good for the equity mutual fund. 76 per cent equity mutual fund scheme in last 1 year (Equity and Index fund schemes) Has given negative returns. It is clear that Investors The value of the engaged money has not increased but has decreased. But in the first month of the year 2019 (January), together with all categories, the International Mutual Fund is giving the highest return (profits). Average Returns (Profit) of 9.11 percent.

These funds gave the most profits- According to the report of Valurisearch, the highest annual return of 20.96% has been given by the HSBC Brazilian fund.

The Franklin India Feeder Franklin-US Opportunity Fund has given returns of 12.28%. At the same time, the Principal Global Opportunity Fund has given a return of 12.21 percent. (Read also: The loss to those who invest in these mutual fund schemes! What to do now investor)

What happens is the International Mutual Fund-The mutual fund scheme investing in foreign markets is called International Funds. There are no special small classes under this category. Such funds are mainly based on a particular country or a particular commodity or on a particular theme (sector).The advantage of strengthening the dollar is found in the international fund. These funds invest in dollars in a particular foreign market. Returns of the fund (profits) depends on how much and how much change is made in foreign shares or bond prices. But, in this case, the exchange rate between the dollar-rupee also has a very important role.(Read also: Your child will be made before the job, you will know about the full plan details)

The final NAV of the International Fund is derived by changing the value of dollar assets (shares, bonds etc.) into local currency. Therefore, the exchange rate fluctuation in the fund's return profile is of particular importance. Compared to the dollar, the weak rupee increases the real returns of the fund. At the same time, the performance of the fund weakens by strong Indian currency. Recently this trend has been seen in the Returns of International Funds.

Any Indian citizen can invest in these schemes in Indian rupees only. Just like any other mutual fund, you can fill the application by selecting the scheme and submitting the check. Apart from this you can also apply online.

These funds invest money in the international market as a representative of Indian investors. These either invest directly in foreign shares or invest in other foreign mutual funds. Investments in other funds by a fund are called feeder routes. (Read also: These work will be done at the age of 25 to 30, then millionaires will become)

What does benefit- There are many stocks and sectors which can not be invested in India right now. It is also difficult to get listed in the market. Cola companies are examples of this. In this way, Indian investors can take advantage of the growth of these companies through investing in offshore funds. Apart from this, International funds give you big returns by investing in the world market. Also, when Indian markets are weak, you can earn from overseas markets.

Risk associated with international funds

(1) the risk of currency- The investment of the international fund is in foreign currencies, which increases the risk of currency. Recently, it has been seen that the US Dollar has increased in comparison to the currency of the Emerging Market, while the rupee had come down to the lower levels.

(2) Political situation related to the country- The trick of international funds is always based on that country, in which the role of economy and politics is very important. Some international funds focus only on investing in one country. So if you believe that there is a crisis in the country, then the performance of the fund could have a bad effect.

(3) Risk associated with tax-International funds that invest 65 percent of Indian equity and the rest are invested in international markets, which are also known as equity funds. On these funds, short-term capital gains are charged at a rate of 10 percent, but the long turn capital gains are completely tax free.

After looking at all these things, it is clear that investing in international funds will reduce the risk of investors, as well as increasing the expectations of good returns through diversification. Investors can plan to invest in emerging markets or international funds of developed countries according to their own risk.

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