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Intel Companions with high PC distributors HP, Lenovo, Dell+ to launch 'Creator PC' branded Merchandise … – jj

Intel Companions with high PC distributors HP, Lenovo, Dell+ to launch 'Creator PC' branded Merchandise …



Last summer Intel introduced the concept of the Creator PC. Creator PCs provide differentiated aesthetics and peripherals, upgradable form factors, and end-to-end technology optimized for the creator workflow, including Intel top end Intel Core processor performance, Thunderbolt 3 technology and Intel Optane SSDs.


With AMD’s new 7nm processors challenging Intel’s high-end iCore 9900K in price-performance and recently overtaking Intel Core CPUs market share in major Asian Pacific markets, highest CPU share in 5 Years, Intel is trying to push back and play up their Creator PC brand.


It’s being reported today by DigiTimes that Intel has cooperated with its PC brand partners including Micro-Star International (MSI), Asustek Computer, Acer, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell to jointly release products under its newly defined Creator PC sector, a segment targeting specifically CAD users.


Intel is optimistic about demand from the market and expects the new sector’s scale to have a potential to grow to at least over 200 million units a year.


With more consumers using PCs to create social media content, growing business opportunities from gaming and entertainment VR content development and rising demand from advanced CAD users to create 4K and 8K content, a PC platform to satisfy demand for high performance computing is crucial.


PC products categorized under the Creator PC sector feature Intel’s new Core X and H series processors and technologies to optimize data transmission and storage and help accurately display colors. These machines are also equipped with high-resolution and low-power consumption displays for design needs.


Intel has also formed partnerships with some major CAD users and software designers to ensure its Core processors and technologies are able to provide their users the best usage experience.


Currently, MSI is mainly pushing its Prestige series for the CAD sector while Asustek is mainly promoting its ProArt series. The DigiTimes report notes that pricing for Creator PC’s start from US$1,599.


For content creators who won’t be able to afford Apple’s new Mac Pro workstation coming this fall starting at US$6000 + the Pro Display XDR at US$6000 with stand, Creator PCs are more down to earth for average content creators and the prosumer market.


For elite content creators in Hollywood, in game design and other high-end creative professions, the new Mac Pro will definitely provide them with real power options that the Creator PC line-up can’t offer.  


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