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Irrevocable Life Insurance coverage Belief ILIT – jj

Irrevocable Life Insurance coverage Belief ILIT

Learn options on how to set your life insurance. By, Kyle Krasa, Krasa Law. Pacific Grove, CA “These “lessons” are for general information only. Watching these …



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  1. How is the life benefit taxes if it sets in the account without being paid directly to one of the ILIT’s? Let’s say that the beni for the ILIT is a special needs individual and the money will be paid over several years to the Beni… is the death benefit money setting in the ILIT taxed at the trust income tax level?

  2. having a Irrevocable Life Insurance but beneficiary or who contract ILIT can not be trust. Therefore, let's say put your sister as trust and you are the beneficiary and your mother contract ILIT. Now my confusion is that trust owned life insurance therefore, after your mom passed away, your sister can keep the your mom's life insurance money even though you are the beneficiary? Because, your sister owned life insurance?

  3. Great video. I'm presenting an estate planning case study tomorrow in class. This helped me find the words to keep my explanation of ILITs clear and concise. Best of luck to you.

    Must I become an attorney in order to have a career in estate planning? I'm majoring in finance and I have found this area of wealth management very interesting.

  4. Kyle,
    This is a great video that really distills the essence of the ILIT. I am studying estate planning in law school and have used this and a few other of your videos to get hold of the foundation tools of estate planning. Thanks.

    By the way, I went to UC Davis for undergrad. Go Aggies.

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