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Karnataka Ground Take a look at, Ground check in Karnataka [UPDATES]: JDS Congress HD Kumaraswamy Authorities Ground check | Kumaraswamy on the governor's second deadline for flooring test- stated your second love letter damage – jj

Karnataka Ground Take a look at, Ground check in Karnataka [UPDATES]: JDS Congress HD Kumaraswamy Authorities Ground check | Kumaraswamy on the governor's second deadline for flooring test- stated your second love letter damage


  • The Governor told Kumaraswamy- prove the majority till 6 pm, Siddaramaiah said – the debate will continue until Monday
  • The Governor had given time till 1.30 pm, Kumaraswamy said – first discussion, later floor test
  • The Chief Minister said that from the very first day, the power knew no more; See how many days the BJP will be able to run the government

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 19, 2019, 04:48 PM IST

Bengaluru There is a debate on the government's vote of confidence vote in Karnataka Assembly on Friday. Meanwhile, Governor Vajubhai Vala gave a deadline to prove Chief Minister Kumaraswamy a second time to prove majority. He said that the government should prove majority by 6 PM. Earlier, the Governor had asked for a floor test by 1.30 pm. But Speaker Ramesh Kumar said that unless the discussion is complete, you (BJP) can not say for confidence vote. He said that the Governor has written a letter to the Chief Minister, therefore, whether or not his order is to be believed or not, this decision is of Kumaraswamy.

Kumaraswamy said, "I have respect for the governor, but his second love letter has hurt me." Showing the photograph of Independent MLA H. Nagesh along with BS Yeddyurappa's private secretary PA Santosh, the Chief Minister said, did he really know about the purchase and distribution of MLAs 10 days ago? I leave the floor test decision on the speaker. Delhi can not be guided. I appeal to the speaker to protect me from the letter sent by the governor.

From the first day, the atmosphere of collapse of coalition government is being made – Kumaraswamy

Kumaraswamy said, "The first political crisis in the state will be discussed. Later the floor test will be done. "He said that since the Congress-JDS government was formed in the state, the atmosphere is being created to demolish it. I knew from the very day that the power will not run much, see how many days will the government run the BJP? Let the issue be debated You (BJP) can still form the government. there's no rush. You can make a government on Monday or on Tuesday. I will not misuse my rights.

The debate will continue till Monday – Siddaramaiah

Congress leader and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the debate has not yet been completed and 20 members have to take part in it. I think it will continue on Monday.

Congress filed petition against Supreme Court's July 17 verdict

Congress has filed a petition in the Supreme Court, challenging the July 17 verdict of the apex court. In fact, the court had on July 17 said that 15 rebel legislators should not be compelled to become part of the proceedings of the House. Whip will not apply to these MLAs. Congress Karnataka Chief Dinesh Gundu Rao has filed a petition seeking a clarification on the decision by the court. It states that the order of the court affects the party's right to issue whip.

Today will be the last day of coalition government: BJP

Earlier, BJP leader Yeddyurappa claimed that this alliance would be the last day of the coalition government. He is tensed that Kumaraswamy will give his farewell speech in the House today and they will listen patiently. Yeddyurappa said that after negotiations with the central leadership the BJP will decide the further strategy. From Kolar, JDS MLA Srinivas Gowda has accused BJP of offering Rs 5 crore. We will bring a proposal to abolish privilege against them.

Those who charge me should peep into the giraban: speaker

Speaker Ramesh Kumar denied the allegation of deliberately delaying the BJP vote of confidence in him. Kumar said that he is not delaying. He said that those who are lifting their finger on their character, they should peep in their gripes.

Speaker wants to avoid trust vote: Yeddyurappa

The vote of confidence vote in the assembly was held for about seven and a half hours on Thursday. After this, BS Yeddyurappa said that speaker wants to avoid trust vote. During the party's speeches, BJP MLAs raised the question that why such long-term speeches are being given to them. Such speeches are given in electoral rallies.

The rebel legislators did not return from Mumbai, 5 MLAs absent from the House

During the trust vote, five legislators were absent from the House. Among them were 2 Congress, 1 BSP and two independents. Apart from 15 non-attendees, 15 rebel legislators, the number of the house was reduced to 203 by removing the speaker. In this situation, the figure to prove the majority is 102. But, the Congress-JDS had 98 MLAs compared to 116, while the BJP had 105.

Commotion on the absence of Congress legislator

Congress questioned the absence of his MLA, Shri Patil. Actually, Patil had handed over the letter to the speaker regarding the unhealthiness and going to Mumbai for treatment. Karnatak Congress President Dinesh Gundu Rao said, "At the resort where we held our legislators, there is a hospital nearby." Why did you go to Mumbai? The Congress alleged that the BJP abducted one of our legislators. Shortly thereafter, photos of Patil were found in a hospital in Mumbai.

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<p><strong>The governor asked the speaker to consider the trust vote</strong></p>
<p>Given the delay in proving confidence vote, a BJP delegation met Governor Vajubhai Vala. He appealed to the governor that the conviction will be proved on Thursday itself. Even in the House, Yeddyurappa said that even though 12 o'clock in the night, but Kumaraswamy should prove the confidence vote today itself. The governor told the speaker that he should consider the confidence vote on Friday itself. </p>
<p><strong>BJP legislator on dharna only</strong></p>
<p>On the first day, the proceedings of the House on the adjournment, BJP MLAs started taking up the protest in the House. Spent the night within the assembly. During this period they slept on the floor in the house after dinner and discussion. Deputy Chief Minister and Congress leader Jai Bhagwan had breakfast with BJP MLAs on Friday morning. He said that it is our duty to make food and snacks for MLAs sitting on the dharna while staying in government. Some partners have diabetes. BJP leaders are also our good friends. Here is the beauty of democracy.</p>

<p><img alt=

Vip does not apply to rebel legislators: Supreme Court

Chief Minister Kumaraswamy issued Whip to all 37 MLAs of JDS to be present in the House. Among them are three rebel MLAs Narayan Gowda, Gopalaiya and H. Viswanath. JDS has said that if the legislators remain non-existent or vote against the trust vote then action will be taken to disqualify the party under the law. However, Congress legislator Ramalinga Reddy, who resigned, said that he is in the party and will vote in favor of the government.

The Supreme Court had ruled on Wednesday the petition of 15 rebel legislators of Karnataka The court said that we have to maintain a constitutional balance in this matter. Speaker 15 Consider the resignations of rebel legislators, they are free to make their own decisions.

Congress 13, JDS 3 MLAs resign

Umesh Kamtalli, BC Patil, Ramesh Jarkiholi, Shivaram Habber, H. Viswanath, Gopalaiya, B. Biswaraj, Narayan Gowda, Munirattana, ST Somasekhara, Pratap Gowda Patil, Muniratna and Anand Singh have submitted resignation. At the same time, suspended Congress MLA Roshan Baig also resigned. On June 10, K Sudhakar, MTB Nagraj resigned.

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