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Lawrence O'Donnell Addresses Native American Genocide – jj

Lawrence O'Donnell Addresses Native American Genocide

The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell – MSNBC finally had a moment of reality with Lawrence O’Donnell when his show featured a bit that talked about America’s history with the indigenous peoples. The ongoing genocide, poisoning, censorship and starvation of the Native American communities is overwhelming. When will we all come together and say enough? Stop putting profits over people and protect our natural resources!



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  1. For Elliotth —Facebook https://www.facebook.com/egb83?fref=ts —

    Hey Fidelito! I don't know if you ever published [shared] this video. If so, any way there it goes. (part of the contain, says, "arresting native Americans for trespassing on their own homeland…." (Mr Lawrence O'Donnell)
    Tales palabras me hacen recordar lo que menciono Pablo (San Diego Ca.): " "Prohibir entrar a EUA a los indocumentados latinoamericanos, es como si les negaran entrar a su propia casa". Dicho de otra manera, o al 'Pancho's way': "Hey tu Indio Chorreado, no puedes entrar a tu casa sino estas autorizado"

  2. funny thing about it is that the US goverment stops at every turn,a and throws in billions of dollars yearly to protect Israel, vetoing any action suggested by the United nations against Israel in their treatments of the Palastinians, so Israel can keep on practicing their "the right of return" to a land which was theirs 5000 years ago, and keep on taking land by force… all the while denying Native Americans their land which was taken away only 500 years ago.

  3. wow! well done Lawrence! I don't often agree with him and not the biggest fan of MSNBC, but my respect for him as gone waay up for speaking out against the injustice of native americans and standing in solidarity with them.

  4. thank you for speaking the truth. If every red blooded American would stand up and allow indigenous sacred law to run the country then there would be no fracking, no Flint, no GMO's, no mandated vaccines. There would be honoring of the feminine, and Mother Earth. There would be Moon lodges to honor women's bleeding times monthly in every community. There would be sweat lodges to purify ourselves and to align with Great Spirit.

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