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Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro – jj

Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro

One of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s most well-known pieces, “The Marriage of Figaro,” is performed here by an unknown symphonic orchestra. The picture is …



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    History takes place in the city of Seville, in the Kingdom of Spain, during the second half of the 18th century, and places us in the palace of the Count of Almaviva, a Spanish aristocrat known for being a seducer of women.
    Rosina has already become his wife, the Countess of Almaviva, but the count, eager for the forbidden, seeks the favors of the young Susanna, an innocent young woman, who is the fiancé of Figaro, the count's maid.
    The plot is complicated when the count of Almaviva, discovers that his page Cherubino, is in love with the countess, jealous the count of Almaviva, orders Cherubino, join the Spanish army, to go to war.
    Figaro, Susanna and the countess agree to obstruct the count's plans and reveal their infidelity.
    But, meanwhile, Figaro maintains a discussion with Bartolo and Marcellina, which ends with the discovery that Figaro is the son of both.
    At the end of the day, all the protagonists are in the palace, where misunderstandings occur until finally the count and countess are reconciled and Figaro and Susanna can get married.

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