The first day of a public hearing in the Federal Supreme Court (STF), held on Monday (6), on the possibility of legalizing abortion until the 12th week of gestation, ended after 12 hours of presentations by almost 30 exhibitors between representatives of public bodies, university groups and civil society organizations.
Doctor Rosires Pereira de Andrade
He holds a medical degree from the Federal University of Paraná (1968-1973). It was Résident Étranger and Assistant Etranger (Université Paris V – René Descartes – Hôpitaux de Paris-França, 1975-1977). He has a Master's degree in Medicine (Surgical Clinic) from the Federal University of Paraná (1994) and a PhD in Surgery from the Faculdade Evangélica do Paraná (1995). He is currently Professor of Human Reproduction at the Federal University of Paraná and coordinated the Human Reproduction Discipline of the Department. of Tocoginecologia of UFPR. He is Director of CEPEME-CERHFAC – Center for Studies and Medical Research, where he develops researches with new medicines. Coordinates the care sector for victims of sexual violence in the maternity unit of the HC UFPR / EBSERH Complex in Curitiba. He is a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics (TEGO of FEBRASGO – Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Associations), with emphasis on Infertility, Sexual Violence, Contraception, Family Planning and Sexuality. Head of the Department of Tocoginecology of the Health Sciences Sector from 2014 to 03/13/2017. President of the National Specialized Commission on Sexual Violence and Interruption of Predicted Pregnancy in FEBRASGO Law since 2016. Leader of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Research Group of CNPq since 2000. Manager of Teaching and Research of the Clinical Hospital Complex of UFPR / EBSERH since 24 / 03/2017.
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  1. Prevenção não é ilegal, educação também não mas ninguém investe. Como problema de saúde pública tem que se combater a causa pois o desejo de aborto é como a febre que pode ser fruto de várias doenças. Queria entender qual o interesse político em facilitar o aborto, diminuir a quantidade de pobres e assim facilitar a administração? Colocar pra disfarçar alguma coisa política?

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