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Rory McIlroy – 218 Yd Uphill 6-Iron – jj

Rory McIlroy – 218 Yd Uphill 6-Iron

He hits it exactly 218 !!


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  1. Jealosy has you by the balls there Brando, don't be mad. Work to be as good as Rory is and we might one day see you doing the same. From here, you just look like a pathetic envious crybaby who cannot stand the fact that Rory does what you can only dream of. You know, you will never match anything he does. BTW way, you are so scary good, what is your OWGR???

  2. I just love it when a yardage is mentioned, and everyone automatically excludes other very important information such as course elevation above sea level, disparity of elevation between the tee and the landing area, wind direction and speed, and club specs. Rory's club specs are not standard, the trees are leaning…etc. Rory hits it long, but long drivers are in a whole different league. Keep it in perspective guys, and if you want to be impressed, watch long drivers hit irons.

  3. I've asked my friends who play on tour and the standard answer between the disparity in iron distances between us and them a lot of the time is because the irons are a few degrees flatter and .25-.5 inch longer effectively making a 6 iron to a 5.5 maybe even 5.25 iron for some guys. That doesn't mean all of them have those specs, but some do…how else are they hitting wedge 160?

  4. If you look at the club face of the iron it is clear Rory is using a 6 iron. Any serious golfer can tell the number and angle of the club just by looking at the angle of the club. Serious golf commentators like Peter Alliss get this right all the time. Clearly, you are not a serious golfer.

  5. It depends on the shot you decide to make, if you draw it you can do it two ways, by changing swing path or changing club face to closed so the relative swing path you have becomes inside out purely by face angle change (which is the most convenient way). Rory's dominant shot path is a draw because most pros say it goes further, which is true but not because of draw spin, but rather the decreased loft presented at impact compared to fade. I'm sure he can hit a pitching wedge 200 if he wanted.

  6. Have you been up close to personally watch Rory hit balls?

    I have, and have no reason to disbelieve this video. Hell, we've got a young man at our club who can fly it 215 with flighted range balls. He swings his 6-iron 107 mph. Cheers…

  7. That is a pretty big 6 iron….I remember Tiger Woods used a 6 iron in that famous shot at 18 at the 2000 CDN Open it was just a bit over 200 yards….on level ground from a fairway bunker…

  8. even if i didn't, at the end of the day i d still shoot a better score than, since you don't seem to understand that golf isn t about hard deep you can hit it. Once you ll understand that you might get a step closer to understand the game

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