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Sovereign Citizen Arrested No License, No Insurance coverage – jj

Sovereign Citizen Arrested No License, No Insurance coverage

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCblAjEa7ohDZGMDYpVTCK0g



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  1. Kids these days are more into electronics then into there studies, like books and face to face communication.
    There watching too much UTUBE and learning NOTHING but how to be disrespectful and how to get away (they believe)with not obeying the law..
    Hear how stupid our kids of the future are getting? This kid is a perfect example.

  2. 1:39 Notice how this guy draws the unusually large drag from his cigarette filling the entire inside of his mouth with smoke before inhaling it all. That means he has a very strong tendency to abuse drugs. So, if someday this guy starts snorting cocaine, he WILL abuse the hell out of it and ruin his life. These kind of guys don't know the meaning of moderation. They want to abuse everything and don't care what happens later after over-abusing it.

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