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The Arithmetic of Marriage: Predicting Divorce (John Gottman) – jj

The Arithmetic of Marriage: Predicting Divorce (John Gottman)

University of Washington professor of psychology Dr. John Gottman can tell if a marriage is doomed. After 14 years of studying 650 couples with the aid of …



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  1. I wish I knew you before next month will be ours 50th anniversary. Oh boy I went through a-lot. I know for sure if our families they here was easier. But wish you were around sooner. Thanks

  2. Ive been listening to Gottman since my boyfriend cheated on me. And we made the decision to continue and make it work, but i now the sense of mistrust will not go away and when im alone i feel miserable. I guess i expect him to be more empathetic and apologetic about what he did. But it didnt really happen. So at this point not sure what to do.

  3. Our therapist has tried to get Gottman into our relationship, but it doesn't work with someone with neurosis like my wife. She is high in conscientiousness, and neurosis, low in openness, agreeableness and extroversion. This therapy depends on two people who can view their actions objectively, it holds no hope for a neurotic individual. I've studied so much in the past 2 years, and she has done nothing…talk about contempt! …the writing is on the wall, she just has no clue that she put it there!

  4. Dr. Gottman is brilliant! I give my clients his videos and I always get wonderful feedback. I love the data behind the Gottman Couples Therapy Model, I use this model with my clients and this model is very "teachable" as John mentions in the video.

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