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The youth took the lady forcibly in direction of the jungle and reduce her throat together with her hand. lacking – jj

The youth took the lady forcibly in direction of the jungle and reduce her throat together with her hand. lacking



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Updated: Friday, July 19, 2019, 20:47 (IST)

Unnao A young woman was running ill for a long time in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao. The mother had gone with her distant relative to demand a vow for her daughter at Mazar along with her boyfriend. Where the boy picked up the girl late on the night and killed him with his throat and also cut the veins of both hands. News of the murder of the teenager spread like a fire in the forest. On receiving the information, the officers along with the Superintendent of Police reached the spot and inspected the spot. The police has registered a suit against a young man on Tahrir's mother. The Superintendent of Police told that the team has been sent for the arrest. Discussions are being held between the villagers about the love affair. The law system is also being questioned by the incident of the killings in the Bangaramou Kotwali area.


Ramchandra's 20-year-old daughter Anuradha, a resident of village Ramdin Khed in Bangaramu Kotwali area, was ill for a long time. Many people were treated by relatives but did not get relief. In the evening, he went for a vowalat on his maternal grandfather Rambetti and Mausare Bhai Sanjit son Shughar resident of Bandi Kheda on the mazar of Faizullah Shah. Rambatti said that nearly 10 o'clock at night, the mother daughter was going for a small boy. At the same time, Sanjith took her daughter to the forest forcibly. Looking for daughter overnight Next morning he found his bloody dead body.

A gathering of villagers gathered on the spot as soon as they got information about the incident. Superintendent of Police, MP Verma, along with other officials reached the spot, who inspected the spot. The Superintendent of Police told that the teenager was strangled and her vein was cut. He told that the prosecution has been registered against Sanjit in Tahrir's Bangarmou Kotwali. The team has been sent to capture. There is a common discussion in the village that there was a love affair between the two. Because of which the young man carried out the incident.

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