This technique of the identify of the IMC utility financial institution of the municipal company. To make town freed from disposing, the municipal company has made a free pot financial institution, toll free quantity reserving


  • The first system in the country named the IMC Utensil Bank by the Municipal Corporation
  • According to the rules, the utensils taken in the program will be cleaned next day.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 19, 2019, 11:12 AM

Indore Indore, the cleanest city in the country, is now being taken to make disposable free. If there is any program in your house then you do not need to buy a disposable plate, two to feed the guests. For this, you should call the corporation toll free number and make a booking. You will find a free pot.

The condition is that you will not use any kind of disposable goods in the event. The facility, which is going to start soon, has been named IMC Pot Bank. This arrangement will be the first in the country, where the municipal corporation will provide the utensils on the lines of the tents house.

500 people prepare the program ware

In the initial phase, the corporation has arranged the utensils according to the program of about 500 people. With its toll-free number (0731-4987161) its office will be on the Bengali crossroads. People will have to book their event in advance. They have to arrange for the utensils to take the utensil from the office of the corporation themselves. On the next day of the program, they will also have to return and return.

Feedback Analysis

The utensils provided by the corporation will contain fragmented trays, glasses and plane plates. Those who use utensils must also motivate others for this arrangement. Every organizer will be registered in the register and their feedback will also be noted. Every month this feedback register will complete the analysis of the system.

'Losses Only From Plastic-Disposal'

Indore Mayor Malini Goud said, "This project has started to make the entire city free of disposable. Disposal and plastic are just losses. The chambers are also chokes and drains are also bad. In the initial period we have arranged 500 vessels. After getting the public support, we will increase the number of utensils so that large programs can get the benefit of this facility.

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