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Reality About Salt Techniques on Above Floor Swimming pools – jj

Reality About Salt Techniques on Above Floor Swimming pools

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  1. Awesome video! Thank you so much. This happened to us when we changed over to salt, and now in the process of buying an all resin pool. Now, if you were in South Carolina, I'd hire you in a minute!!!!

  2. Realize your post is a few years old, just hoping you still monitor it. I am getting an Intex 9×18. I am thinking the joints for the metal railing and supports would be the most susceptible to rust. Is there a rust inhibitor that I could apply to all joints to slow down the salt penetration? Thinking I might plasti-dip, but that won't help the joints, as I am sure pushing them together will scrape it off

  3. I have an 8 year old Dough Boy brand 12"x 24" oval. Top rails are resin, but the outer supports and covers are steel with a steel liner wall ( I think it is steel ). Guess no salt for this guy! Just got rid of an Intex Ultra frame 9" x 18" with a salt system that did destroy they U frame supports every other year.

  4. Hi Al. Im from Brazil and just bought a Salt System this week, because of your tips. Thanks. I have 2 questions. 1- My pool is made of concrete/bar metal walls and is ceramic coating. The salt system can corrode the metals inside the concrete walls? 2 – Can I use marine salt? Here in Brazil, salt for pools are very exepensive (around 20 dollars), but salt for animals (bovines and horses) are iodine free and way more cheaper (just 3 bucks). They also can be found at thin or thick granulation. Can I use it? and the granulation matters? Thanks alot, master.

  5. Is there rust inhibitor that can be applied to the rails of an already set up pool? My pool is on its second summer and im really tired of the cost and maintenance. The saltwater seems like the better route. I have a coleman power steel pool. The company claims they have a coating that prevents rust, but other reviewers have complaints. I have noticed very minor spots on mine.

  6. Please help. I have an inter quick set pool and just drained it. What's the easiest route to go..salt water system or sand filter. I'm so confused and if I use the salt filter, can I use the pump that came with the pool? it's a 15×48 and I just want a low maintenance system. Can anyone answer please

  7. Thank you for the great video. I put in pools and never worked with salt systems. I wanted to put one in my own pool. After seeing your video I will not be doing this. I have a all steel pool. Very informative.

  8. We have an Intex 16" x 32" Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool. The only steel on this pool is the frame "outside" the pool which does not come in contact with the water. The only other steel is the top railing which slips "inside" the pool liner and the only part that is not covered by the pool liner are the corner sections, which may or may not get splashed with a little water. Are you saying that a Saltwater system will not work on this type of pool?

  9. So if a salt system would corrode an Intex pool would you just recommend a sand filter? I currently just have the pump that comes with the pool but I want to get the Daly system and the sand filter do you recommend it?

  10. Can you recommend a good quality salt water pool system or package by brand for me? I am a first time buyer. Is the saltwater 8000 by aquasport a good pool? Thanks.I am looking for a 21 foot round.

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