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United States and Iran once more threatened to kill drones – jj

United States and Iran once more threatened to kill drones


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US President Donald Trump has said that the US Navy has killed a drone of Iran in the Straight of Horomuzz.

He said that the warship USS Boxer on Thursday took the 'defensive action' when the drone had come within 900 meters of the ship.

At the same time Iran says that he has no information in this regard.

In June, Iran targeted an American military drone in the same area. Earlier Iran had said that on Sunday it detained a foreign tanker and 12 crew members in the Gulf. Iran accused the tanker that the tanker was smuggling fuel.

In the past few days, the US has been accusing Iran of attacking several tankers passing through the main waterway. The United States says Iran has targeted several foreign oil tankers on the water traffic route after May. Although Iran does not say any such allegation right.

But the recent attack has seen the fear of military conflict in both areas increasing.

USA and Iran about this attack what Something said?

Addressing the press in the White House, US President Donald Trump said, "I want you all to know about the actions of USS Boxer in the Strait of Hormuz."

He said "USS Boxer killed an Iranian drone in the Straight of Horomuzz, which was very close to the ship, many signs were sent to him, but everyone was ignored, he was about 900 meters away, The safety of the crew on the ship could have been threatened, after which the drone was immediately destroyed. "

US President Donald Trump said that in recent times, this is the latest example of Iran's action against a foreign tanker or ship on the international waterway. America reserves the right to defend its personnel, facilities and interests and this protective action is done for this reason.

The New York Times quoted an official of the Ministry of Defense saying that this drone of Iran was dropped by using an electronic jamming tool.

On the other hand, a senior Iran official has dismissed all these claims of the United States.

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Arakchi made a tweet on July 19. While the United States is claiming that it has killed Iran's drone, the Foreign Minister has said that perhaps America has accidentally killed the drone himself.

He wrote in his tweet, "We have neither lost a drone in the Strait of Horomuzz nor anywhere else. I am afraid that USS Boxer probably did not accidentally kill his own drone."

This statement by the Deputy Foreign Minister has come after the statement of Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif on Thursday, in which he had said that he has no information to lose any drone.

What is the seized tanker?

Iran's Revolutionary Guards News site Sipah said on Thursday that the Navy caught a smuggling of fuel allegedly during patrol.

The national media of Iran told security personnel that the ship was allegedly smuggling about 22 million gallons of fuel.

The government media later published a few pictures of Iranian speedboats standing around the Riyah tanker, which was flown by the flag of Panama.

Iran said that the vessel was caught in the south of the island of Lark in Iran. The US had asked Iran to leave the ship immediately.

Why all this is happening?

Recent tensions between Iran and the USA were born when President Donald Trump decided to separate from the nuclear deal with Iran.

This agreement was signed in 2015 by the United States, USA, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. It was decided in the agreement that Iran will reduce its nuclear deal and use only three percent uranium.

Iran has increased uranium enrichment in response to the declaration of separation from the nuclear deal and the restoration of sanctions by US President Donald Trump. These uranium is used as a fuel in nuclear power plants, but it can also be used in the preparation of atomic bombs.

Britain too relieved from Iran

In the last month, the United States charged Iran with the loss of oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, while Iran has dismissed these accusations.

Iran had drone US drone for violating air boundaries a few days ago. On which US President Donald Trump tweeted that "Iran has made a big mistake."

After the alleged attack on oil tankers, Britain had said that Iran was responsible for these attacks. After this the tension was increased between Iran and Britain.

Britain is also pressing for the release of Nazrul Zagari Ratcliffe, a British citizen of Iran-based Iran, who was sentenced to five years in jail for espionage in 2016, although he has been denying the allegations.

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