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Vince DelMonte Higher Physique Circuit Routine – Half 1 – jj

Vince DelMonte Higher Physique Circuit Routine – Half 1


Vince DelMonte & Lee Hayward working out while on vacation in Las Vegas with a fast and intense upper body circuit workout routine. This is an awesome way to get a quick muscle building workout and jack up up your metabolism in a short amount of time.

Vince did cable chest press, high cable rows, cable shoulder press, low pulley cable bicep curls, high pulley cable tricep extensions, and finished up with some side cable crunches for the abs.

Lee did cable crossovers for the chest, face pulls for the back, cable side lateral raises for the delts, low pulley cable bicep curls, reverse grip tricep push downs, and hanging leg raises for the abs.

For more killer workout programs be sure to check out Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Program at: http://www.vincedelmontemuscle.com

As well as Lee’s Blast Your Bench Chest Specialization Program at:


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  1. dude i wanna do either your program or vince's program in the gym ,but everytime the gym owner sees me doing somthing he yells at me and tells me to do his work outs.
    how do i convince him either wise ,coz he has no muscle whats so ever to show that his method works

  2. whats the best way to organize a routine. upper body one day and lower body the other day or working front part one day one and back part on the other day? sorry if my question is stupid. i have started this thing recently.

  3. With all your respect vince,can you explain a little bit the form you use when working your biceps ,'cause to me it looks like you are using too much weight,again I'm no a trainer I'm just a fan of yours AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DO, RESPECTS FOR YOU VINCEN

  4. No it does not. You could eat all of your calories at night, right before you go to bed, and if you dont exceed the number of calorie you can have for the day, you wont gain weight. It's just a matter of calories in, calories out. The time of consuption is not a factor.

  5. I hate when people say little stablizer muscles. Thats Something made up. Thats a bunch of bull to have someone sell you something to balance on. There are just over 650 skeletal muscles in the whole human body. Which are the "little stabilizer muscles"?

  6. Although I do agree that his form is not exemplerary (Anjohl was probably right about the weight), I believe that the point of the video was just to show ideas for a workout away from home. It's not ment to be a hugely muscle-stimulating workout, but just enough to make sure the muscles don't take a "vacation."

  7. This is actually a nice workout for when you are in a rush or out of town, but I agree that Vince's form is absolutely atrocious. I think he is trying to overload on the weight for the camera 😉

  8. The form you use is based on your goals. Slow and controlled technique is just style of "form." Fast and accelerated, with momentum is another style of "form." Both achieve different goals. Neither is right or wrong. It just depends what the purpose of the workout is… Incorporate both styles of form into your workouts.

  9. U guys are inspiring. Working out while in Vagas takes commitment. But that's why u guys got the muscles. Any reason u guys are in Vagas? or just for a break?

    That's a wicked machine for full body working

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