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your physique is working, well being suggestions for physique | Your physique is sort of a checking account, have no idea if this information – jj

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new Delhi : Most of you like to eat hot pakodas, kachodis, maggi or samosas in the evening as a snack with tea and also have accounts. People in big cities who are more careful about their health, they also eat biscuits or cookies with tea. People in the country should have something to eat in the evening with tea, something must be done to eat them. This tradition has been going on for many years now. This is the tradition in most of the offices of the country. Especially in government offices, in the evening, without the samosas and pakodas remains incomplete.

Snacking snack puts on fitness
From breakfast to dinner, those who are frozen at the healthy option can not say snacking of pakodas and samosas. The result is that the weighing machine does not have a fork in the hand. It is important to understand that not only the main diet, but the snack of unnecessary time can also derail your fitness plan. If you want to look fit and fit, then exercising only will not work. You also have to change the habit of out-of-your-way snacking. Unhelpful snacking is the biggest obstacle between you and your goal of losing weight. A biscuit, a samosa or a tikki can also damage your fitness.

What's in snacking?
We mostly eat things made of flour and flour, for example, samosa, bread, biscuits, ground and so on. These are high calorie diets with baking soda, flour. Children or older, all Chinese Foods are crazy. They do not have fibers and calories are also high. While we should eat such things, which contain small amounts of saturated fat, sugar or artificial sweetener, sodium, calories etc. Samosas, pakodas, chips, etc. are all timepieces in the office-college, their small dose also gives calories too. These sodium also contain a considerable quantity of sodium.

Calorie Punch of Heavy Snacks
Bread Pakora (1 piece): 289 calories
French fries (100 grams): 312 calories
Bhujia (50g): 280 calories
Cheese sandwich: (2 slices bread): 280 calories
Spices noodles (1 packet): 355 calories

Account of healthy snacks
Fruit Chut (100 g): 50 to 100 calories
Nuts (10 grams): 60 to 65 calories
Roasted or boiled gram chaat (30 grams): 100 calories
Salad (100 g): 30 calories
Buttermilk (200ml): 70 calories
Dhokla (100 grams): 150 calories
Khakhra (50 grams): 120 calories
Murmurah Chatt (30 grams): 120 calories

To spoil fitness 1 biscuit is also quite
What is the benefit of the hunger of hunger that we are slowly churning in our body? The question hardly harbors people. Because if this thought bothers us, then we are not happy to enjoy licking, samosas, pakoras and maggi by playing with our health. There is a hidden test in people's unhygienic food, but it is not worried about how much calories they are growing in their body. In the same way as in the Health Ministry, people will be seen less sensitively in Biscuit's Pambadi even with tea. How can a biscuit make someone fat? But let me tell you that 1 biscuit is also enough to spoil your fitness.

80 percent food responsible for weight loss
Evening breakfast increases the amount of calories in the body of the body and then how much sweating in the gym does not take the name of losing weight. According to Nutritionist, Dr. Shikha Sharma, 80 percent of the food is responsible for weight loss and 20 percent workout. Their health depends on what they eat. In a samosa, there are at least 275 calories in about 252 calories, one grinding fried Dhokla 150 calories, one calf in a pakodi, one gram potato tikki, which is enough to make your weight loss program successful.

Calorie intake according to age
– One year old child needs 1000 calories a day, which increases 100-150 calories every year.
– After every 12 years of age the body needs 2000 to 2400 calories. It decreases according to physical activity.

Your body is like a bank account
The way in which the body works is exactly like the bank account and in place of money there is calorie. According to everyone's length, width, age and other reasons, he needs certain calories in the day. Whatever you eat contains calories. If 2000 calories are needed in the day and you are eating 2500 calories. These extra 500 calories will be stored in the body as fat. If calories are less than needed, then the body starts to use fat and the weight starts decreasing. The food of calorie content is very important for the needs of every age.

Why exercise does not have special effect
If you spend about one and half hours continuously, then 300 calories are spent. Whereas a samosa is only about 300 calories. It means that if you spend a long time in the gym or in the gym you eat a packed noodles then everything is equal. To reduce weight, 80 percent of your food is responsible and 20 percent your exercise. Unhealthy snacks you eat well but they do not force you to make you fat, you do not stress on any physical activity, it is a double trouble for the people. If you always have physical activism and are fond of junk snacks, then believe that you are also standing in the queue of those who are unprofessional.

Two samsas mean two days of hard work in the gym
The result of the calorie pouring in the body and the reduction of the exercise by the exercise itself is also a result. According to Alok Kumar, Fitness Expert, "People who exercise in the gym and eat out junk food should also think that how much work has to be done to burn 1 calories in the gym, 6 Mary biscuit i.e. 150 calories and body To burn out, 10-minute continuous skipping has to be done, then people can avoid being fat, in the same way, 1 Samosa ie 260 calories and 2 samosas i.e. 500 calories. Come on, you have to work hard for two samosas in the gym for two days.

The only thing with fitness is that you have to make it a part of your lifestyle. Today, there are all mobile apps that will tell people the need for their calories according to routine, height, weight and age. According to this, eating calories in the calorie budget, and eat healthy food. Along with a little workout, walking to fit can be achieved.

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