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160507 Wang Qing Seven Miniutes' Phrases Of Love [eng sub] – jj

160507 Wang Qing Seven Miniutes' Phrases Of Love [eng sub]

QingYu Translation Group 青宇翻译组☆ 中英双语字幕】 王青的7分钟情话合集This is a video that made by a fan which includes most sweet love words that Wang …


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  1. How long have they been together 4? How did they become famous? Did they do a show as well or not? If they did do a show what's the name of that show? (I'm not really 2 sure if they actually did do a show or not can some 1 tell I'm getting myself lost here)

  2. 後面十年之約和之前見面會老王怎麼都不太敢看大宇臉,,,和拍戲時有差喔??

  3. Qingge, You ❤ Him with your heart. so i believe..it never disappear. Dayu, keep Him who remain with you in difficulties and shortcomings. Wo ai Ni ❤. and thanks you soooo much QingYu TG?

  4. ชอบความมั่นคง บริสุทธิ์ จริงใจของหวังชิงที่มีต่อต้าอวี่จริงๆ
    I love that Wangqing always be stable innocent and sincerely feeling towards Dayu. You can see from his eyes.

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