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Ask Me Something (AMA) on YouTube Stay – jj

Ask Me Something (AMA) on YouTube Stay

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Ask Me Anything (AMA) on YouTube Live with questions asked in the chat panel of the stream. Expand the description to see links to individual questions below …

0:00 – When you moved from the University of Rochester to UC San Diego, did you have to start over again in terms of your five-year tenure evaluation period? Also, what usually happens to assistant professors who fail to make tenure?
2:48 – What advice would you give to a computer science undergraduate major that you wished you had heard when you started college?
5:33 – I’m doing my Ph.D. at a top-30 school; how feasible is it for me to get an assistant professor job at a higher-ranked school?
8:20 – What is your opinion on P vs. NP?
9:20 – Is it technically possible for humanity to have already created a powerful A.I. that simply chooses not to reveal itself yet and is lurking dormant on computers across the world?
12:25 – Do you regret using the name “Python Tutor” (http://pythontutor.com/) since a lot more languages are now supported on the site?
16:24 – What motivated you to write “Academic High Achievers At Age Thirty” (http://www.pgbovine.net/high-achievers-turning-thirty.htm) and how have the findings affected your own life?
19:35 – Do you have advice for aspiring computer science Ph.D. students to improve their chances of admission if they have been out of school for a while?
21:34 – Will the hype of A.I. have an effect on the academic job market for other CS fields, such as computer systems?
23:10 – Do you still use CDE (http://pgbovine.net/cde.html) on a daily basis?
24:31 – How can non-native English speakers become more comfortable with academic writing?
27:16 – What, in your opinion, are some research areas in computer science on the verge of breakthroughs, besides currently-hyped topics such as machine learning?
29:29 – How do you deal with the situation when none of your Ph.D. thesis committee members are experts in the core field of your dissertation?
31:11 – Now that you are on the other side of the table, how does your institution hire professors? What is the process behind the scenes?
33:30 – What is your opinion on the differences between industry and academia for Ph.D.s? What are the differences between being a Ph.D. and non-Ph.D. as a software developer in industry?
35:12 – Do you see any substantial change in higher education within the next ten years due to online education models such as Coursera?
39:15 – Where do all the older people in tech go?
40:58 – Can getting a postdoc at a top-10 school in your field open the door for getting a faculty job at a competitive school?
42:02 – Do you have any advice on porting an existing software project to a different language, such as from C to Python?
43:05 – Do you have any tips for getting into research as an undergraduate student?
44:39 – Have you tried to read The Art of Computer Programming by Donald Knuth? If so, what do you think of it?
46:00 – Do you see data science becoming a mainstream scientific field in academia? If so, how would it relate to more traditional fields such as statistics and computer science?
49:24 – What productivity tools do you use?
51:50 – What advice would you give to someone who has just started to read research papers?
53:59 – Should computer science undergrads interested in going to grad school focus on obtaining more depth or more breadth in terms of research?
56:26 – Who is your favorite computer scientist, or scientist in general?
58:09 – How can non-technical people improve communication with computer science academics? And vice versa.
59:50 – What is your advice for a non-computer-science masters student wanting to learn parallel programming?
1:00:49 – What is the best way to “close the gap” (http://pgbovine.net/PG-Vlog-29-closing-the-gap.htm) if you are a self-taught programmer without a computer science degree? Is it worth going back to school if you’re already in industry?

Recorded: 2017-07-30


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