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Incapacity pension attributable to spondylarthrosis. – jj

Incapacity pension attributable to spondylarthrosis.

In this video the lawyer in Granada Ramón Escribano Garés, specialist in claiming permanent disability pensions of an occupational nature, explains whether it is possible to claim a pension for people suffering from spondyloatrosis.

In the first place, we explain, without medical pretensions, what a spondyloarthrosis consists of, which basically can be defined as osteoarthritis in the spine, both in the intervertebral discs and in the vertebral joints.

The areas most affected by this disease are usually the lumbar and cervical areas, being the most compromised areas in the movements and tasks of weight loading, being able to affect one or several vertebrae or the entire spine with generalized character .

The most frequent symptomatology is stiffness, difficulty of movements, pain, numbness, deformations, lack of ability to carry weights, maintain forced postures and flexo-extensions of the affected area.

We explained in the video how we studied in our law firm the feasibility or not of a permanent disability pension claim for spondyloarthrosis, and especially or important that results in the analysis of the habitual work of the injured.

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NOTE: Everything exposed in this video is purely generalist and not medical. Each case must be studied in a particular and concrete way to establish a viability in the claims of permanent disability pensions.
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