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GG Servers Minecraft Host SUCKS!! (RANT!) – jj

GG Servers Minecraft Host SUCKS!! (RANT!)

Don’t Rent From these folks!


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  1. I rented a server from these guys with pretty decent specs for the money, but didn’t get very good customer service likely due to how cheap it was. (I.e. not a loss if you lose a couple customers at this tier of service) I never had any reoccurring issues or anything with their service, but one day they just deleted my server out of nowhere. I didn’t lose much progress thankfully, as I had been doing regular backups. I opened a ticket and they basically told me there was nothing they could do and they wouldn’t offer me any free time due to the incident. I told them that this was a completely unacceptable thing to happen (out of principle, remember I didn’t lose much progress) and they said they’d look into the incident further. A day or two later they responded and said they found that an employee went in and erased my entire server etc and that’s that, there’s nothing that can be done to recover the lost world. (Remember, again.. I had a backup but I pressed this issue because it was a shitty thing to do to someone paying.) They did another canned response saying there’s nothing they can or will do. I told them I’d never rent a server from them again if this is how they run their business and they responded with zero apologies (like before) and told me they’d gladly close my account and “thanks for the business”. Thanks for my fuckin business? Go fuck yourself. The day I hear them going out of business, I’ll drink to it.

  2. Fuck!!! I bought a server from them just now, a cheap one though for 6 bucks with my friends, and NOW I see all this negative stuff about GGservers :((( aahhh man cmon anyone pls help me cancel this shit, I dont want them to steal 6 $ a month because i cant login to their site.

  3. I saw your video a month or so back.

    At first I thought you were just unlucky, I've had a couple servers from them over the last couple years, but only played a couple months on each, so no prolonged experience. Previously I had had only a few issues that were sorted out fairly easily through customer service.

    However recently my experience with them has been more similar to yours, I've had problems with players connecting, and even when connected staying connected. This happens pretty much at least a couple times each time we use the server. Now the server has been down for at least 4 days, possibly more I hadn't been on for a week before I tried. I also cannot get onto the control panel website to reset it myself. Contacting customer service has been slow, and they never give you any information. My first enquiry was answered with a short "We are aware of this problem" and my second asking if they had a guess how long it would take to fix was answered again with a short "We do not have an ETA at this moment.".

    I understand that servers go down and there are issues from time to time, but I had had the connection issues before this, and I would at least hope for some more information and better communication.

    Oh well, time to find a new host.

  4. GGServers is the worst provider ever !!!!! i've buy a server (2gb) and when i enter the ping is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY !! i've request a refund but they wan't refund me. GUYS NEVER BUY FROM GGSERVERS !!!

  5. You are right. GGServers is the worst provider I have ever encountered. The customer service is horrendous. Then they will refuse to cancel your account, and block access to the site when you press them. Some consumer protection agency needs to take action against them.

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