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How correct is the query of way forward for Kohli, Dhoni and Shastri – jj

How correct is the query of way forward for Kohli, Dhoni and Shastri


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The Indian cricket team is going to start the West Indies tour from August 3. The Indian team will play three ODIs, two Tests and three T20 matches.

India captain Virat Kohli will join Sunday with five selectors in the meeting to discuss the team selection for this tour.

In the recent World Cup semi-finals, the Indian team's playing XI and then randomly running runs were criticized by many cricket experts and former cricketers.

Since then, the discussion has begun to discuss the role of captain Virat Kohli, coach Ravi Shastri and former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Among these discussions, everyone's eyes are tuned to meet on Sunday, what is going to come out of it.

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Kohli will remain the captain of the three formats?

There are questions about the decisions of Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri in the World Cup. Team India's former captain Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman have given a huge tactical mistake to send Dhoni to number 7.

Sachin Tendulkar also feels that Virat Kohli made a mistake by sending Dhoni to number 7. Sachin had said that sending Dinesh Karthik to play at number five was beyond understanding.

After this it was also discussed whether the Indian team should once again have separate captains for different formats.

Senior Sports Journalist Rajaravan calls it a nonnegotiable demand. He says, "People have the right to give their opinion, but the selectors must decide whether India has the ability to handle two captains. My opinion is that it is not needed."

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Similar opinion is also of senior sports journalist Vijay Lokpalli. He believes that there is no reason to question Kohli's captaincy

He says, "Whether or not to get rid of them by the captaincy of any format, it depends on those fitness, form and importance in the team. If they look at their captaincy and success rate then they do not feel the need to find a new captain. He did not do any such bad thing that we felt the need to find a new captain in any format. "

In fact, with the superb batting of vice-captain Rohit Sharma in the World Cup, which requires the second captain and captain of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL, his team is making a four-time champion.

But Vijay Lokpalli says there is a difference between the leadership of the IPL team and the Indian team. He says that Rohit Sharma sometimes does not play Test matches. He is the captain in two matches; Kohli in one; It will not be right for the team.

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"Rohit Sharma has achieved success in the IPL and he leads in different ways, but he is the captain of a franchise in the IPL, in which the four players play outside, while Virat Kohli will lead Indian players," said Lokpalli. They can not be said to be weak in any format. "

Can Dhoni drop?

The World Cup and before that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has raised questions about playing Slow.

He was criticized for playing slow slip against England in the group stage and then playing relatively slow in the semi-final.

Some former cricketers have expressed the opinion that the time has come when the selectors should talk to Dhoni about his career before choosing the team for the West Indies tour.

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So is it the time when they should consider taking retirement? Or is there a situation that they can be dropped from the team?

Senior sports journalist Vijay Lokpalli says that Dhoni did not perform such a thing that questions should be raised about him.

He said, "Dhoni must have played down from his own benchmark but at that point it was not a burden." He was given the role of playing in the semi-final on the number seven, which he did well, playing with the tailers is not easy. None other than Dhoni could do this work. "

Sports Journalist Rajaraman believes that whether Dhoni has to play or not to play ahead, this depends on the selectors.

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G. Rajaraman says, "I have been convinced that when the time comes for the player to retire, he realizes himself, unless the player decides, and the people remain silent."

"But the challenge before the selectors is that if Dhoni does not retire, would he like to pick him for the tour of the West Indies or he wants to make the team thinking about the future."

Vijay Lokpalli believes that Dhoni himself knows how much he can contribute. "He will not make such dishonesty from his fans, team, that being unfriendly, sticking to his place in the team without contributing."

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G. Rajarmona believes that the selector will probably retain Dhoni as a series and as a batsman and wicketkeeper his cricket has not come down and behind the wicket, he proves helpful to the captain.

Kohli will do without Dhoni?

Indeed, Mahendra Singh Dhoni gives input to the bowlers while doing wicketkeeping. Many Indian bowlers have said that the guidance given by Mahendra Singh Dhoni behind the wicket proves to be beneficial for him.

Many times, Captain Virat Kohli plays fielding at the outfield and Dhoni is responsible for setting field and helping the bowlers, and Rohit Sharma, who is standing inside the realm, keeps on staying.

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In such a situation, if Dhoni retires or he does not get a place in the team then will captain Virat Kohli not be difficult?

Vijay Lokpalli says that the captain plays the role of the captain. He says, "When the time for Dhoni's retirement comes, then I am sure that even after that Kohli will continue to take advantage of the inputs from Dhoni."

"He goes to the outfield only on the basis of Dhoni, he knows Rohit Sharma is inside the circle and he is also confident Rohit will give instructions to the bowlers, if needed, the inputs come from Dhoni, Rohit or Kohli but everyone Know who is the captain, and this is proof of how many three players each have to do with each other. "

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What will happen to scholars

BCCI has invited new cricketers for the head coach of the Indian cricket team and other support staff.

In fact, the Indian team's coaching staff has completed the term and new applications can be done till July 30.

The support staff is given a 45-day extension so that the West Indies tour starting on August 3 will not be affected.

Will Ravi Shastri remain in the next election or will there be another coach in his place?

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Senior reporter Vijay Lokpalli says Vijay Lokpalli says that Ravi Shastri is consistently associated with the game as a player, commentator and coach and he understands the nuances of the game. He believes that India lost course in the semi-final but there was a complete preparation for winning the World Cup in the team.

He says, "So far you see the team have got good results, coaching is not the work of man management, but the players are confident that if they have a complicated situation, then Ravi Shastri advises them. Confidence is awakening, Kumble first had a big hand in it, and the same tradition has come with Shastri. "

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G. Rajaraman also believes that the performance of the Indian team in the World Cup is not bad and it is still considered the best team today. He also considers the role of Ravi Shastri in it.

At the same time Lokpalli says, "I do not think his role has ended, he is a natural contender for the interview. Now the coach who will do the selection will depend on what to do."

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