How can damage professionals get essentially the most from the AMA Guides?

This video answers these important questions:
[more @ injurydoctorhelp.com] 1. What is a broken injury case?
2. Why is it important to choose the correct edition of The A.M.A. Guides To Permanent Impairment?
3. What are the most common mistakes made with the A.M.A. Guides?
4. Why is an impairment rating important?
5. How do impairments differ?
6. What is “Loss of Enjoyment” and “Duties Under Duress”?
7. How does impairment differ from disability?
8. How do the A.M.A. Guides rate injuries related to motor vehicle accidents?
9. What is “Validated Medical Documentation” and why should it be used?
10. What “Special” diagnostic tests are crucial to document injuries?


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