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IELTS Talking take a look at (Band 8.5 – 9.0) – Pattern 1 – jj

IELTS Talking take a look at (Band 8.5 – 9.0) – Pattern 1

This video is extracted for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. It features an outstanding performance of a high-achiever who should score 8.5 or 9.0

Transcript: http://www.mediafire.com/download/275ma35o4d8onup

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  1. I was also expecting a more native-like performance, but i'm glad He got high score, i couldn't study enough ,and neither i had very good results, but was somehow fulfilling to know i have some start point, and also would be very excited to improve. I guess maybe to grasp a nearly C1 level, one important thing is to live days and days in full English, everyday situation, i mean, reading, composing phrases when you talking to people at street, job, home, and when having your own life reflections on spare time. Just one more thing, we're all humans, life is always a learning adventure, and we somehow shere this very world.

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  4. Great Exam Teacher I ever watch❤️ love the way she receive him. And when the 2nd part starts she didn't look at him all time. I think just for not to confuse him, bcz this part is so crucial for anybody. Simply amazing.

  5. I took my ielts speaking test today and the person was the coolest instructor ever . It felt like I was actually conversing with him . It was so breezy and I did not feel like I was in a test . It went really well than I thought . I think there is a lot of hype around this speaking and if you are a decent English speaker , it should be easy . I am not a native speaker and I prepared for a day . I was also extremely scared before the test but did not turn out like that .
    Let’s see how I fare .

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  7. This interviewer smiled a lot. It's psychologically encouraging to the examinee to feel and speak better.
    Whereas the native white examiners I met, whether in my own Asian country or in Australia, they were all trying to put on a smug, making the examinee subconsciously believe during the interview of being disapproved, even if that is not in the IELTS rules.

    So a tip for non-native speakers, just practice talking formal English to smug white faces on a regular basis so your focus wouldn't be bothered by any smug face on the speaking test.

    The ironic bigger challenge, however, is everyday white people do not like conversing in formal english. They rather hear everything in shortcuts!



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  9. He used so much 'um' and 'hmms' and 'aaas' and 'err' and yet he got so gud marks. Its just his casual attitude that is impressive otherwise he doesnt seem to adhere with the speaking dos and donts .
    Is it okay to make the um and aas sounds …? I thought it wasnt a big no in the tips for speaking cause then the examiner would think that u r not confident. But the case here is completely different.

  10. Su pronunciación es horrible, tiene que mejorar mucho en ese aspecto y también el ritmo y el tono que se adopta cuando se habla en inglés. Pero tiene buen vocabulario y lo utiliza con coherencia.

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