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Jeevan Saral 165 में क्या हुआ | क्या आप जीवन सरल को समझ पाए | क्या जीवन सरल में फ्रॉड हुआ है – jj

Jeevan Saral 165 में क्या हुआ | क्या आप जीवन सरल को समझ पाए | क्या जीवन सरल में फ्रॉड हुआ है

जीवन सरल पालिसी एक बेहतरीन प्लान में से हे | कुछ लोगो को अपने प्रीमियम से कम MATURITY आ रही है कुछ लोग इससे फ्रॉड बोल रहे है जब की ऐसा नहीं है
आप को समझाना ऐसा क्यों हो रहा हे ५० से अधिक की उम्र पर इन्शुरन्समें आप का पैसा जा रहा है इसलिए एन्ड में कम पैसा मिल रहा हे



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  1. Don't try to justify the BLACK deeds of LIC by comparing it with other term plans. Did LIC or its cheating army tell people all these things before making mis sales ???? Answer is a BIG NO. The intention was crystal clear to dupe elderly people of 50+, because they were easy targets having developed lot of confidence in LIC. Blindly these people believed in the state run insurance player and did never think that LIC could CHEAT them. Had all these things you try to convince now,been told earlier, they could have given a second thought over it, instead being made themselves easy prey to the corporate greed of LIC. Only one thing they can do to CURSE LIC and make aware at least 10 people each of the dishonest acts of LIC. Let LIC feast upon the flesh of old ducks to fill their fat belly. Only ray of hope is court intervention and strong public protest.

  2. Sir my agent gave me insurance policy splitting into 12 policies and he put the maturity of each policy from 26th year to 38 years duration and each one is quarterly payment of 1225. He did it without informing me. It was taken in 2012 and I m paying it ontime without fail. I want to know that can I surrender and get the benefit after 20 years as my kids will come to higher education . My age at the time of taking policy is 26 years. Plz let me know

  3. यह LIC की एकमात्र Fake policy है| जिसमें customer को कुछ भी नही मिलेगा सिवाय जमा पूंजी के|

  4. Chutia mat banao ,lic ke chamache, Bond main pehale se hi Bond main sab kuch lika hua hain,1.maturity, 2.death maturity, 3Accidental maturity in sequence Ye policy ke badh lic ne pomplet nikal nahi bandh kardiya, lic dikate kuch aur hain, maturity pe deta kuch aur hain, yah agent ko commission ane se matlab hain, bevakuf banana inse sikho.

  5. जीवन सरल फ़्रॉड है।जमा राशि से भी बहुत कम 40 से 50% ही maturity पर मिलेगा।ग्राहकों को धोखा,फ़्रॉड करके यह पालिसी दी गयी है। अब कोई lic पर विश्वाश नही करेगा। sum assured 2.5 लाख ही बताकर पालिसी बेची है जबकि maturity sum assured ₹ 118 762 बताया है और इसी राशि मे लॉयल्टी addition 15 साल में 640 प्रति हज़ार जोड़कर maturity दे रहे है।जो जमा का 35 से 40 % मिल रहा है।जिसने भी 48 से 50 की उम्र में जीवन सरल पॉलिसी ली है।उनको ज़बरदस्त loss घाटा है।

  6. In the bond it is written as Jeevan Saral (with profit). You can check the Website of LIC also, it says Endowment plan with profit. Hence LIC shall give profit to every customer irrespective of their age. LIC purposely kept people of higher age group eligible in this policy because they were aware of the future scenario and cheated to people of higher age group and did fraud of 1 lakh crores which is hard earned money of innocent people. If LIC had ethical values then they would have designed this plan for young people only, which they did not.
    Supreme Court refused to do hearing because LIC is runned by Government.
    Although LIC have done a smart Fraud technically but have lost trust of People. Now no one will invest in LIC.
    Please don't compare an Endowment plan with a Term plan for justification. Negative return is not acceptable in an Endowment Plan.
    Request to all innocent people to surrender after 10 years of policy and invest in PPF for guaranteed return and take term insurance with return of premium.

  7. में भी जीवन सरल पॉलिसी लिया हूँ। पॉलिसी लेते समय वर्ष2011 मे मेरी उम्र 30 वर्ष थी। मैने यह पॉलिसी 17 वर्ष के लिए ली है। 2028 मे पॉलिसी पूर्ण हो जायेगी। मेरे समझ मे नही आ रहा है कि इस पॉलिसी को बंद करू या चलाते रहू।

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