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Chortle your approach to a greater marriage Half 2 – jj

Chortle your approach to a greater marriage Half 2


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  1. It's funny…I'm learning so much about myself and my husband from watching these videos lol. He is always thinking but I like to turn it off. I can literally stare at a wall and think about nothing but he never stops. In fact, he doesn't sleep well because his thoughts are always going! So, it turns out…I have a nothing box that I use quite often and my husband is the opposite. He's the one always trying to talk and find out what's on my mind and it drives ME CRAZY…Very interesting how everyone doesn't fall into the same categories…

  2. I got into a relationship with a single mother, everybody kept telling me not to, everybody kept saying that I was going to be miserable because of all the baggage…. Between this guy and another guy who taught me how the way to speak to my girlfriends love language, I have to say it has been the best relationship in my life, is not what happened in your life is the way you approached it.

  3. The subject is SPIRIT (BREATH). Ecclesiastes 9:10 (Common English Bible): "Whatever you are capable of doing, do with all your might" ("strength," Expanded Bible; "power," Young's Literal Translation), "because there’s no work, thought, knowledge, or wisdom in the grave, which is where you are headed."

    Men typically assign themselves ONE LABORIOUS JOB exerting physical strength and power with exhalation of breath, once that job is over; man has nothing to do but eat and zone out in front of the TV with the thoughts of his heart on his satisfied belly. The ONLY expectation men have of women exerting physical strength and power with exhalation of breath is childbirth that she's NOT controlling, with her then left with all the MENIAL house-, child- and husband-maintenance tasks requiring no exertion of physical strength and power with exhalation of breath to enjoy doing with thought — unless she is vacuuming the floor, sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, shampooing the carpet, cleaning the oven, talking on the phone or swinging the baby from side to side. Thus, in zoning out in front of the TV doing nothing requiring exhalation of breath, he doesn't have to THINK about washing the dishes from which he ate and drank, cleaning out the oven that cooked his food or dusting the chair in which he's sitting or the TV he's half watching because some fool woman is numbly handling those menial maintenance tasks for him! For a woman to be able to zone out in front of the TV like a married man, she is unmarried, child-free, does a physical job with exhalation of breath out in the field every day and then returns home with nothing on her mind but the MENIAL tasks of cooking her food, eating, cleaning up her kitchen and then settling down in a favored chair to an evening of TV watching with the thoughts of her heart on her satisfied belly. Either way, woman gets the short end of the stick; she's expected to do the physical labor with exhalation of breath AND the menial food, clothing and house-maintenance tasks for herself while the man expects ONLY to do the physical labor with exhalation of breath! This is why a woman is IRRITATED at seeing a man doing NOTHING when her MENIAL house-, child- and husband-maintenance tasks requiring no exertion of physical strength and power with exhalation of breath to enjoy doing with thought — never end!

  4. I heard him say "my tablet" and then I realized this video is not that old.. their clothes& style really threw me off ??then. See originally watching this video I thought it was like from 1990 s or something just by perceiving their make up, hair, & clothes

  5. This guy takes the typical approach to evoke laughter – make fun of a man (the male ego). You've seen it many times on Everybody Loves Raymond, Home Improvement, and other shows. I've even caught some pastors doing this. I know he also made fun of women but no where near as much. My mind never goes blank. Due to this disparaging approach regarding men and feminism, men have lost the respect they had when shows like Father Knows Best and My Three Sons were on TV. Note: Those shows predated the feminist movement.

  6. This guy is hilarious, a humorist talking about truth in marriages. He's one in a million! It's not trying to improve your marriage folks. C'mon, this is comedy! Family Life-A Weekend To Remember Retreat or Focus On The Family anything are great resources for those in need to improve your relationships. Blessings on you! P.S. My amazing husband is more the talker, he makes me laugh. We both love to laugh and finding this vid-a daymaker!

  7. "The correct treatment of a girl does not always preclude courtesy and gentleness no more than it always involves them. There is a time for courtesy and gentleness, and a time for harshness. The master must remember that he owns the girl; if he keeps this in mind he will generally treat her correctly. He must be strong, and he must be capable of administering discipline if she is not pleasing. Sex in a woman, as in a man, is not only richly biological but psychological as well, and the words suggest a distinction which is somewhat misleading. We are psycho-physical organisms, or better perhaps, thinking, feeling organisms. Part of the correct treatment of a woman is treating her as you wish; she has genetic dispositions for submission bred into every cell of her body, a function of both natural and sexual selection. Accordingly, what might seem brutal or quick to a man can be taken by a woman in the dimensions of her sentience as irrefutable evidence of his domination of her, her being owned by him, which thrills her to the core for it touches the ancient biological meaning of her womanhood. He simply uses her for his pleasure, because he wished to do so. He is her master."
             John Norman
    So sad when pagans make more sense than supposed Christians who never open a Bible .
    Male dominance is central to female arousal but those wishy washy pastors just hide the truth and make marriage a thing of "courtesy and gentleness" only . No wonder why so many are totally turned off .
    Isn't it the right balance between female submission and male love and consideration that John Normal is stating here ? And this is exactly what the LORD advocates and commands !!
    A woman who does not feel "under the joke" will never respond to a man afraid of himself and of his own sexual desires (like most of wimpy western men today ) .
    Notice how he says " her being owned by him"
    Doesn't the Bible say that the wife does not own her body but her husband does ?
    The thrill lies in there . And even pagans get it better than dumb churchians who do not obey what the Lord says but rather listen to so called pastors who have been led them astray for decades .

  8. Generalizations. Not all people fit these stereotypes.
    For instance, my husband take much longer to get ready than me and is much more talkative and emotional.
    The men he talks about are lazy, uninvolved and expect the women to take care of all the relationship details.
    I think he has anger issues toward women.

  9. Hmmm these generalizations got a little to worldly, too much of a Homer Simpson "man" where the wife wears the pants and the man hides in a "cave", watching the idiot box thinking about nothing like some brain dead zombie that the culture tries to brainwash you of believing you are and ought to be, while the woman has the run of the house, not the Biblical man- a real man like Jesus

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