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"My Spouse Beats Me Up" – MARRIAGE FROM HELL!!! – jj

"My Spouse Beats Me Up" – MARRIAGE FROM HELL!!!

After a word of prophecy from T.B. Joshua reveals that the affection between Mr & Mrs Edozie is completely gone, Mr Nnamdi reveals how his wife, under the …



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  1. You can also see deliverance and praise of GOD on Pastor Benny Hinn Ministry videos and deliverance of people! He casts out all kinds of evil spirits from people!
    I always enjoy seeing folks set free and cleansed by the Holy Spirit! And you can see the move of the Holy Spirit as well! Its also amazing!

  2. TB Joshua cannot do anything when the Lord Jesus doesn't allow. TB J. is not god.
    Do not lift him up, don't give him glory. All glory goes to Jesus Christ, our Lord!
    Joshua, do not take the glory from the people: Don't make that mistake!
    You must know it better. You are only a servant of the Almighty God!

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