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NIA large motion in tire funding case, raids in 14 locations in Tamil Nadu NIA performed searches at 14 places in Tamil Nadu in reference to Ansarulla terrorist gang case – jj

NIA large motion in tire funding case, raids in 14 locations in Tamil Nadu NIA performed searches at 14 places in Tamil Nadu in reference to Ansarulla terrorist gang case



oi-Rahul Kumar


Published: Saturday, July 20, 2019, 21:21 (IST)

new Delhi. In the Islamic terrorism funding case, the NIA has raided 14 bases on Saturday. On Saturday, NIA raided various places in Tamil Nadu in the case of 'Ansarullah' terrorist module. Agency officials raided the house of 14 people arrested after extradition from Saudi Arabia in this case. NIA is operating in 4 districts of Tamil Nadu.

NIA conducted searches at 14 locations in Tamil Nadu in connection with Ansarulla terrorist gang case

It has been said in the statement released by the NIA that the agency has conducted raids in five places in Ramanathapuram, two places in Theni and one place in Chennai, Mudrai, Tirunelveli, Tanjore, Perambalur, Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur districts. . During the raid, a laptop, 7 mobile phones, 5 SIM cards, 3 memory cards, one hard disk drive, two pen drives, one internet dongle, nine CD / DVD and nearly 50 documents were seized.

The material seized by NIA will be presented as evidence to the special court and digital equipment will be sent for cyber forensic examination. NIA had registered a case against Muhammad Sheikh for plotting to wage war against the Indian government by creating a terrorist organization named Ansarullah. NIA has already detained 16 people for alleged funding of the Islamic terror module.

The accused were affiliated with terror outfit ISIS, Al Qaeda and SIMI outside India and India. A day before this raid, the NIA special court allowed the investigating agency to take the custody of those 16 people in eight days. On July 9, the NIA had registered a case against Ansarullah under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and Illegal Activities (Prevention) Act.

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