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No Land Line Half 2: On-line Chat Jobs (Work From Residence) – jj

No Land Line Half 2: On-line Chat Jobs (Work From Residence)

Part 2 of my No Land Line Series. There are companies that hire you to chat online. All you need is computer and Internet and some typing skills! Check them …



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  2. hey I just  wanted to know when you work at home if you are a independent contractor how is there a way to show your prof of income if you are trying  to get a car or a place to stay or anything that might ask for prof a income?

  3. I applied for Site5 awhile back.  The questions they ask before you even get an interview are rather technical.  And just when you thought you were through the hardest part, you go through the interview and get thrown even more difficult tech questions.  I studied their site for a few days, for hours and hours each day…still didn't get  the job  It was a total let down, I really, really wanted to work there.  It's not easy to get in, but if anyone does, don't leave that job.

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