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Rory McIlroy enjoying an iron – jj

Rory McIlroy enjoying an iron


Rory McIlroy super slow motion 300fps

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  1. Oh thats okay its my bad. Im not like guy who has been a pro for over 18 years who may or may not have pretty good knowledge of the golf swing. While you may say it doesnt happen, its is really something that happens in almost every single guy on tours golf swing. go watch this video and tell me im wrong again.

  2. funny how they think they are anyway…….normally it's just hackers that have watched thousands of swing tip videos regurgitating mindless garbage about mechanics and positions they have no idea how to achieve in real life

  3. actually its not a bad thing at all, mostly because it doesnt move backwards. Its a good thing because they stop, then his club lags through right as it hits the ball, then he finished. When he stops his hip turn to lag the club, it generates a lot more power than when you constantly swing them throught the hitting zone. all it does is generate more power, he moves his hips faster, stops, then continues, all in the same time as if he swung slower. Nothing but distance my friend.

  4. sport – An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others. i believe golf is a sport, and if you think golf is similar to chess or scrabble, your IQ must be below 100.

  5. my hips do that lol its not that uncommon, its just with all the swings that are being taught to the pros nowadays (what is called the modern swing) they take much of the hip rotation out of the swing so that is why you dont see it a lot

  6. completely agree, if you turn your hips on the backswing you will lose the coil in the body = loss of distance, if someone is really bothered about getting to parallel on the backswing, increase trhe flexibility in your shoulder that way you wont lose the coil in your body and your distance will increase

  7. @grayham30 Good eye! Its from keeping his right foot from spinning out.. most amateurs spin out the right foot, spinning out of the shot hitting a week slice. He almost spins it the oppostie way aat impact and then rolls it. Biiiiig power.

  8. @grayham30 You are exactly right, this hip move you speak of comes from the locking of the hips (like when you tell off a girl and she locks her leg and gets into that bitch position) and what it does is prevent the club from going too high or low into impact. If your weight is properly maintained through the swing and you lock the hip before impact you have found the key to consistency.

  9. The key to McIlroy's hip-turn is that there is none during his back swing. Thus his shoulder-turn to hip-turn ratio is huge, and creates massive power coming forward. His hips stop after impact because they have gone far enough. It is his follow-thru that then pulls his hips just a little further. The other thing that creates swing speed is his wrist cock that he holds until the last possible moment before release thru the ball. Very few amateur golfer can duplicate that. Multiplies arm speed.

  10. @grayham30 Actually his hips stopping is a natural part of the golf swing at this point in the sequence. You see it with the really flexible players like Rory. His hips max out their separation angle with his upper body which then releases like a big rubber band… wearing a hat.

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