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Samsung Galaxy Notice 10 and 10+: New Battery Charging Options Revealed – jj

Samsung Galaxy Notice 10 and 10+: New Battery Charging Options Revealed


New information on the soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and its higher variant the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ relate to their charging features. There’s also the confirmation that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus won’t make it to these devices to be released on August 7. It will be the 855 SoC only for now, though there is no substantial difference between the two.

Different Chargers for the Two Models

There’s no definitive information on the sizes of batteries to be fitted on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+. The speculation however is that it will be 4170 mAh and 4500 mAh respectively. But more interestingly, the latest information would have us believe that while the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have a 15W wireless charging facility, the one featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will have a 20W wireless charging support. This was recently tweeted by Samsung insider as well.

The other significant point is the devices will be shipped with a standard 25W wired charging adapter. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, however will be capable of being charged with a wired 45W charger. The users will have to invest in the charger separately.

Clarity on the Processors

Some observers jumped to conclude that the newly introduced Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus Mobile Platform will be included in the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. This rumor has now been scotched with the confirmation that there will be no change in the processor plans.

As per practice, the South Korean major will be fitting its inhouse Exynos processor on its devices for most markets other than the United States. This time, the expectation is the company’s latest Exynos 9825 octa core SoC will feature in these two flagship smartphones to be officially launched on August 7. The Galaxy Unpacked event is to be held in New York on that day but it does not prevent the company from making the announcements for the European and other markets as well.

Many of these details have emerged from authentic sources like the FCC in China and the benchmarking site Geekbench. Whatever information has so far been shared in public about the two top-end models of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ has created immense excitement in the market. There may be millions around the world waiting to lay their hands on one of these devices as soon as it is released.

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