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Scientology Hidden Digital camera (Sea Org) Demanding Cash! – jj

Scientology Hidden Digital camera (Sea Org) Demanding Cash!

This is undercover footage of Scientology Member Renee Norton speaking, she’s Commanding Officer of ASHO Fdn, the Class 6 org at the complex. These are the elite of Scientology called the Sea Org, yes the folks who sign a contract for a billion years. What are they talking about? How to get money out of people!


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  1. wow… "you have to sit there while we go online to see all their credit cards…" WTF? how is this a CHURCH??? Bullshit… its a scheme to get money. Isnt there a law about churches not requiring money from people to attend the church? if not there def should be. I cant wait for this so called Church (more like cult) to be SHUT DOWN!

  2. Scientology is without a shadow of doubt, a pseudo religious CULT. How can you tell? – where a spirit (permeating atmosphere) of 'control' has manifested itself throughout the whole leadership of the organisation from the TOP down. Where members or even those in leadership positions within, MUST submit to all the very bizzare rituals within this 'psycho' organisation. This is just one of the tell-tale signs of the very definition of what a CULT actually is. It is always fascinating, that when people LEAVE this cult – they always never have any wonderful stories to tell, instead they feel that they are constantly living in fear and watching over their shoulder in fear of reprisal and organisational bullying retribution!

  3. Too bad our crooked ass government takes PAYOFF from these CULT CRIMINALS, when the US government wasn't taking the payoff that's when L Ron was on the run from 8 different countries and they weren't tax exempt. Too bad EVIL Dave M KILLED L Ron before Scientology was shut down.

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