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Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari strikes The Motor Automobiles (Modification) Invoice,2019 in Lok Sabha – jj

Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari strikes The Motor Automobiles (Modification) Invoice,2019 in Lok Sabha

Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari moves The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill,2019 in Lok Sabha: 15.07.2019

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  1. बात मे सच्चाई और कुछ अच्छा करनेका हाऊसला जब बुलंद होता है, तब सब का साथ मिल जाता है,
    जे मा. गडकरींनी करून दाखवलंय…. Great sir…

  2. भ्रटाचार को बढावा मिलेगा पुलिस वाले जनता को लूटेंगे हा अगर सही से नियम लागु हो तो स्वागत है

  3. The only persons in BJP who has done the work in the last 5 years and won the election on his own work The visionary leader in BJP..the way he convinces the opposition is outstanding…even modi can't do it…would love to see him as PM.

  4. Minister is in support of the fleet owner and not focussing on road safety. He has introduced many amendments in the motor vehicle act and rules which is posing a major threat to road safety, few are listed below.
    1. A single driver is enough in long-distance National permit vehicles now
    2. Increased period for the fitness test.
    3. Increased the overload limit to more than what the manufacturer permit
    4. Abolished minimum qualification for transport drivers to make cheap labor available for fleet owners
    5. The proposal of AC cabin for heavy goods vehicles abolished

    We can infer from the above that Mr Gadkari is promoting road safety or profit of fleet owners. Modiji must have a look into this. The new amendment will create more threats to road safety. Mr Gadkary has no commitment to road safety.

  5. क्या बात है, अपनी गलती निष्पक्ष बतायी हैं।

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