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Regular Solar – Actress – jj

Regular Solar – Actress


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  1. from the triage, to the city limits
    I would like to spend a minute
    look around and get acquainted
    get the ten-four, feel above it
    and know of excess and "oh"s, ebbs and flows, yes and no
    why not leave it behind?
    too tired to stick it out
    for time it left from our minds
    but it's back and it's all around……….

  2. tepid actress
    where's your sense of valor?
    it's come and it's gone, but I think it might return
    to you my twister
    to you my city
    takes one to know one
    but for us it takes two
    you're a simple soul, but a
    wealth of information
    I would like to
    discuss with you
    semantics and vague abstractions
    to sit around and get close
    bigger picture, smaller people
    your charm has taken its toll
    relaxed and affable
    your words branded and sold
    to a priest in a plastic throne

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