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Stuff $20000 in your ears with these diamond AirPods – jj

Stuff $20000 in your ears with these diamond AirPods


diamond AirPods by Ian Delucca
Try not to lose one.
Photo: Ian Delucca

Los Angeles designer Ian Delucca customized AirPods with gold and diamonds for a series that “guides us into new relationships with the material world.”

And you can have that relationship with the blinged-out AirPods for $20,000.

Apple’s mobile devices are already considered pricey. That hasn’t stopped jewelers from styling iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods with precious gems, gold, even pieces of a meteorite.

Delucca’s AirPods, entitled Object No. 1 for his “New Materialism” series, seems affordable compared to other lux gadgets.

Russia’s Caviar regularly gold-plates iPhones with scenes depicting President Vladimir Putin. Caviar designers have even retooled the look of an Apple Watch with diamonds and gold that listed for $43,000.

That’s nothing compared to rapper Drake. Earlier this year, he paid a jeweler $400,000 to cover his iPhone X case in blue diamonds and white gold.

closeup of diamond AirPods
With VVS diamonds, which makes these AirPods Very, Very Slightly expensive
Photo: Ian Delucca

Delucca cast the AirPods in white gold and affixed 1,000 VVS natural, mined diamonds. All diamonds come with imperfections. VVS stands for Very, Very Slightly, meaning flaws are minute and barely detectable.

If you are interested in the Object No. 1 AirPods, contact Delucca on his Instagram account. He inscribed the AirPods with an edition number (limited 25 pair) and comes with a marble charging stand.

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