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Tagged – Prime 10 Comics – jj

Tagged – Prime 10 Comics

TheCapnCummings tagged me to show my top 10 comic books so here they are – nothing special, expensive or key but they’re my favourites – I hope you enjoy!
Tagging cromda1 and howlermouse in return !!


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  1. @koestenbraumstar I'm hooked on New Gods right now and snapping them up as soon as I see them on eBay. I'm sure you'll be proud to know that my Kamandi collection will be growing soon, had a few lucky auctions wins on eBay too !!

  2. @mysticwhiteguy It's about time you started saving some pennies and getting yourself a camera, doesn't even have to be a snazzy, bells a ringing, lights a flashing posh one. I film all my video's on a tiny Sony Bloggie and it does the job fine.

  3. Great ton ten. I like how you focused on reasons that were important to you. Also, I actually think Todd McFarlane gets a slightly bad rap for his writing. I recently re-read the first ten issues of Spawn and they held up quite well.

  4. I don't think I would want any ones man thing to touch me……Oh sorry Just got what you ment. Anyway another great video and a fantastic top 10! Loving theTec comic cover, they had some brilliant ones in the 60's & 70's. I really need to get my finger out and get my top 10 done, just getting to my comics thou is a bit like that scene in Indiana Jones with the bolder rolling after him lol. I just have one question. Who disliked this video?

  5. @GhostCritic …only problem is narrowing it down to ten…problem is I have so many ones that I think are great, it's hard to leave something out, but I'm going to go by the special ten that have the most significance to me, which is still freakin' hard…lol…but I'm going through them now and got a pile that will be whittled down…thanks again, and I like how you picked the stories and comics that affected you the most…great job

  6. @cromda1 Well I can't wait to see your top 10 I know you were keen to do one and surprised you hadn't done one already. Well done on 100 subscribers, you most certainly deserve them all and more. Look forward to the raffle!!

  7. didn't you already do a top ten, I seem to remember you had a beard, and talked funny. 🙂 …that Demo comic looks really good, never seen it before,cool Punisher cover and awesome Det. cover, you have some great comics. Thanks for the tag, bro. One of my top ten I am pretty sure you would like as it is from England, but you will have to wait to see. I'm also going to do a raffle vid as I have over 100 subscribers now, and I will be giving away the silver Spidey MacFarlane and other fun stuff.

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