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understanding correct measurement fuel traces for correct BTU – jj

understanding correct measurement fuel traces for correct BTU

understand how to run proper size gas lines, to accomidate the necessary BTU, Like these videos? just type in loudepot in any APP store, and for .99 cents you …



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  1. Longest run method, determine your longest length (100 ft), then that will give you your first pipe size. Since you have that second 80ft, when looking at the chart, all you need to do is look under 100 ft and go over to the BTU.

  2. I saw your part 4 video. You didn't use 2" pipe. Also when you add on to the end of the run for your firepit, you should have added that to the end of the 100' and used that column. It would be different if you added a tee part way, but you didn't. Watch How to size pipe by grayfurnaceman. He really knows his stuff. BTW. I'm a 30 year gas journeyman.

  3. Thanks for this video. Still a bit puzzled though. I'm in similar situation, gas pool heater install. Local plumber told me I needed 1-1/2 – OK I get that but…pipe leaving outside gas meter is 3/4 … Immediately goes into adapter elbow to bring it up to 1-1/2. Doesn't make sense to me – isn't total gas flow limited to smallest diameter pipe? What's the point of running 1-1/2 inside the house if all gas needs to first squeeze through that 3/4 nipple on the meter?

  4. Thanks for the video's Louis.  How do you determine which gastite chart to use (https://www.gastite.com/downloads/pdfs/gastite_sizing_tables_natural_gas.pdf)? For example, when I look at the charts, there are many for different tables depending on the incoming pressure. For example  <0.5 psi  and pressure drop of 1.0" WC vs drop of 2.0" vs drop of 3.0" WC, etc.   From your other video its pretty clear that any of the <0.5 psi charts could apply for a residential home, so the question is how does one determine what their drop in WC is ?  Thanks in advance!

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