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Why the NIA requires and energy? – jj

Why the NIA requires and energy?


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The Bill giving more rights to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which investigates the terrorist attacks, appeared in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

On this, Home Minister Amit Shah said that in the cases where the agency has examined so far, 90% of the cases have been successful in which the decisions have been made.

Since the establishment of NIA in late 2008 after the Mumbai terror attacks, the agency has investigated 244 cases, of which 37 have been decided in the cases.

In the Rajya Sabha, the bill passed unanimously on Wednesday and it did not get any specific opposition in both the houses.

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Why Amit Shah is in the Lok Sabha in Owaisi?

The danger What is it?

The question is, if NIA's success is already so strong, then why is it necessary to give more rights?

According to Surat Singh, lawyer of Supreme Court lawyer and constitution, "There should be a national level investigative agency to fight terror, but it should not be given more authority than necessary".

He says, "In my opinion, the argument of the Opposition that by giving it more power, India will become a police state, it is not reasonable but misuse of it will be a great danger."

The same danger has been vetted by the Opposition. According to the opposition MPs, the NIA already has a lot of rights and if more authority is given to this agency then India will move towards a police state and the power will be misused.

The central government had argued that giving greater authority to NIA would end terrorism in the country.

Home Minister Amit Shah advocated with a forceful amendment of bill in the Lok Sabha, the atmosphere made something like that the courage of opposing it was rarely seen by the MPs.

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Question on amendment

During Amit Shah's speech, it was realized that whoever opposed this bill did not talk about the country's interest. There was a sharp debate between the Home Minister and the MP of Hyderabad, Assaduddin Owaisi, but only six MPs protested against the passing of the bill.

The Home Minister assured the Parliament that 'Modi government will not allow it to be misused.' This bill was passed in this way in the Lok Sabha.

Nationalist Congress Party MP and famous lawyer Majid Memon says, "There are two types of misuse of NIA by making NIA more powerful. First, the agency can disturb innocent people and secondly, the ruling party can use it on its opponents. '

Majeed Memon says that there is no need to change the NIA Act.

He says, "There are many investigative agencies at the state level in India whose work is to investigate criminal and terrorist cases. The State Police has anti-terrorist groups, the Center has a CBI and all these have done a good job."

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Why Chidambaram disappointed?

A few years ago, the Supreme Court had called the CBI a 'parrot in a cage'. Such allegations have not been filed against NIA so far, but in many cases it has such a role that its autonomy is suspected and fingerprints have started on it.

Due to the lack of 'inadequate evidence' of accusers associated with right-wing Hindu organizations in extremist incidents like Malegaon and Ajmer Dargah blast, such questions are being asked due to void, release and refusal of witnesses.

Former Home Minister P Chidambaram had told the BBC last year, "At the end of 2008, I had conceived NIA as an agency whose reputation is like Scotland Yard, FBI, but today there is no difference between NIA and any State Crime Branch. I am extremely disappointed. "

Last year, the NIA court released all the accused, including Swami Aseemanand, in absence of evidence in the absence of evidence in connection with the Mecca Masjid blast.

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NIA Failures

He had said that the record of the NIA so far is mixed. NAIA is investigating the Pulwama terror attack in February.

Majid Memon is not satisfied with the speed of its investigations, "I questioned this in the Rajya Sabha with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh." I said 40 security personnel were martyred, and after so many months the investigation of NIA continues till now. Should have been. "

Majid Memon says that he is against giving NIA more power. According to him, "NIA has been established for 10 years but terror strikes in the country are not stopped. Major attacks like Pulwama, Uri and Pathankot are there."

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Examples of POTA and TADA

Surat Singh says, "The country imposed anti-terrorism laws like Tada and POTA, but despite this the terror attacks did not stop. The inverse police and the government have misinterpreted them so many times both of these laws were abolished. '

Surat Singh says that he got the cases of innocent people who were charged under the law like POTA and TADA.

Amit Shah had criticized the Congress government in parliament for ending POTA legislation. They said that it was terminated due to vote bank.

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With this amendment, NIA has been given the strength to investigate the attacks on cyber crime, human trafficking and Indians in foreign countries.

Majid Memon said, "NIA will not be able to investigate the attack on Indian or Indian interests abroad. If there is an attack on an Indian in Pakistan, how will the NIA be investigated? '

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