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Will ICC ban on Zimbabwe Cricket Board result in ban PCB, Pakistani PM Imran Khan will be the cause Will the ICC ban the PCB after Zimbabwe? Imran Khan may be the rationale! – jj

Will ICC ban on Zimbabwe Cricket Board result in ban PCB, Pakistani PM Imran Khan will be the cause Will the ICC ban the PCB after Zimbabwe? Imran Khan may be the rationale!


Lahore: International Cricket Council (ICC) Has suspended Zimbabwe cricket as a banner. However, there is also criticism in the world, including Zimbabwe. Now Zimbabwe cricket will not get ICC funding and the country's representative teams will not be able to participate in ICC tournaments. The ICC said it was a failure to make a fair election in Zimbabwe cricket's democratic way. With this, Zimbabwe Cricket Board also intervened in government interference, due to which the action was taken on board. This can be worrying for countries where the government's interference is a bit more. For this reason the fear is being expressed that Pakistan Cricket Board But this kind of shock of the ICC can fall.

Why is Pakistan at risk
The reason for the government's interference in the Zimbabwe Board, which the ICC has said, can be a warning to Pakistan because the Pakistan Government has a direct interference in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Here the Prime Minister is the patron of the PCB. According to the Pakistani newspaper 'The Dawn', according to the constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board, there are several such paragraphs that talk of government interference. At the same time, the Prime Minister of Pakistan also gets the patron status of the PCB.

Relief in 2014
The current constitution of the PCB was approved in 2014 by former Chairman Najam Sethi. Even before Sethi, there were some changes made in the Constitution even after PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf, and then Ashraf had said that the ICC has given the constitution recognition. In many places in this Constitution, the government's interference is mentioned. After the Zimbabwe issue, if the PCB is to avoid the ban, then he may have to separate those paragraphs from the constitution.

What does the constitution of PCB say?
There is a paragraph number-45 in the constitution of the PCB. According to this, "If the government wants or if it looks, then it can change, change, remove some, add to the constitution of the board." According to another rule, "Patron can periodically direct the board's general policy and can also ask them to implement them from the board." At the same time, Patron also has the right to remove the PCB president and remove the Board's Supreme Council-Board of Governors. On the other hand, two members of the Board of Governors are nominated by Patron and one of them becomes a PCB chairman.

Imran Khan may be the reason
This is the case in a way, but it is not. Actually, this rule was before Imran's Pakistani PM. On the other hand, Imran Khan has been the captain of the Pakistan team. Because of this, it seems that they can also give direct interference in the patron PCB case. This has not happened openly so far, but should not be surprised if such demand arises. The ban which the ICC has imposed on Zimbabwe is unanimous. It means that Pakistan will have to make changes in its constitution.

These countries have been restricted, but the BCCI was different
Even before Zimbabwe, the ICC has banned Sri Lanka and Nepal due to government interference. Although the ICC had made a different stand in the Indian Cricket Board case. The Supreme Court of India had appointed the Lodha Committee to look after the BCCI's work after the 2013 IPL spot-fixing case. However, Ajay Shirke, then the then secretary of the board, asked the ICC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dave Richardson to intervene in this matter. Then Richardson had said that before the BCCI give written information to the ICC about the interference of the court in this regard and express your objection.

Shirke had said after that in 2013 Shashank Manohar had filed an affidavit in the apex court that he could ban the ICC and the BCCI for the matter, but Manohar is not taking any step against the BCCI being the ICC Chairman at this time. Are. Because of the BCCI or the ICC chief being the Indian, whatever the situation, it is clear that it will be expected that Pakistan will get an opportunity to improve the constitution.
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