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Working Out with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson – jj

Working Out with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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  1. I have been getting big fast finally. I have been at it for years, but never ate enough and never got enough sleep. It is so hard to keep up with a routine after a hard days work and still have time for my personal life. But my secret is my new Electrical Muscle Stimulator that I bought from https://www.ebay.com/str/sellerwarehouse online retailer. It is a machine that works your muscles and allows you to train muscles with an electric impulse. It really takes the mental stress out of training, and can be used a workout substitute on the weekends also. It is similar to the machine that Bruce Lee used that allowed him to be so ripped and strong with lasting endurance. I am betting he ate every two hours and slept 10 hours+ with a snack in the middle too, no other way I can see for Bruce Lee.

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  4. Hello everyone. Fabulous film. My close friend was formerly an obese man. He went from 293lbs of fat into 214 lbs of genuine lean muscle. I couldn't believe it! I just signed up myself coz I'm going to make improvements to my entire body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  5. Not saying I think Dwayne is a natty, but have you seen pics of him when he was a teenager? He was fucking huge.. After I saw those, a lot of things fell into place for me. Dwayne would still be massive without the juice. I have zero doubt about that whatsoever.

  6. I am dumb but you are still on here making these assumptions with no real medical or logical proof. Education? I have 2 degrees and run my own real estate company..which is not relevant in this so not sure why you brought it up.

    Not sure what you are trying to prove insulting a self-employed 23 year old on the internet or a multi-millionare movie start behind a keyboard. Suggest you move on with your little pay check we got other things to do..Silly adults and their keyboards ha ha

  7. David R, your comment just made me laugh. You really don't think Dwayne is on roids then you are a dumb sob. You can work out for 50 years naturally and not get that big, look at body builders from the 50's to 60's before roids made an introduction. Go educate yourself a bit dipshit then come back and realize the difference between natural and someone on roids.

  8. ha Respect man, i love how you spitting facts on this guy and this Boris guy just responds with his personal opinions as his sob story.

    Sad how the stupid and unaware sound so bad and in their little heads think they are right or matter in the bigger picture.

    I agree with ya though, This guy grew up in a built family and 28+ years of constant working out as a JOB not a hobby the guy was going to be big.

  9. How do you know he does use them? Because you and your wikipedia and other online fanboys say so?

    You should probably just go unless you got some facts. And if you compare Rock to other athets this man isn't all that big. Look at shaq next to him..Rock look like a 150 lb kid h aha

  10. Love the people that work out for 2 weeks get no results sling off calling people that workout roid users with no proof besides what People magazine says ha ha

    Why don't you work out 28+ years be half black/hawaiian and be in WWE/WWF/Food ball/pro weightlifting and not be big..

    Come on man, if you going to hate at least bring the facts..this hearsay is for the cute little girls in 9th grade..

  11. It depends – One can be on roids and get the same gutt effect – Fairly common here in Santa monica to see it from the lifters. If i was to make a guess it seems the roids are taken the lifting is done but the eating is not in check.

    A few guys i know personally out here drink light beer on the reg. too. Ether way Michael not a good way to determine if he is on roids or not.
    I doubt he is, but really who cares he entertains that is what he is paid for, not his personal life

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