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Dear Spotify Community,


I am having a hard time downloading local files I have purchased / created from my Mac Pro to my iPhone XR. My steps are:

  1. On my Mac Pro: I make a playlist with local files
  2. I go to the top righthand side of the screen while in the playlist and turn on the Downloaded toggle.
  3. I go to my iPhone, I make sure I am on the same Wi-Fi as my Mac Pro
  4. Go to the playlist and click the three dots in the top right hand corner.
  5. I select Download.

It says waiting to download and none of the local files show up.

This has happened repeatedly and I typically have to reinstall Spotify on my phone to fix it but that is a temporary fix and forces me to redownload all of my playlists to my phone. Also, I reinstalled Spotify on Mac before and it doesn’t fix it either.


Since I am paying for Spotify Premium, I would expect all of the functions to work including downloading local files. To me this is a deal beaker and I might consider cancelling my plan and going to iTunes for this functionality.


Can you please help / provide a fix for this issue?


Thank you








iPhone XR, Mac Pro 2013

Operating System

iOS 12.3, macOS 10.14.5

Versions of Spotify:






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