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ALERT: Diepsloot N14 and R511 NO GO ZONES …. South Africa – jj

ALERT: Diepsloot N14 and R511 NO GO ZONES …. South Africa

Community “leaders” in Diepsloot are going to blockade roads and are demanding those that try to stop the get “beaten up”.



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  1. Each and every one of those vandals should be arrested and jailed as an example but that will never happen here..not now..but in the time of white rule that would have certainly happened nomatter what the race was doing it..now..a lawless South Africa..i hope the whole world gets to see this and understand why we never wanted to mix with them in the first place..thanx to santions and the selling off of our country were now in deep shit..geez thanx to all those countries who sanctioned us thinking they knew better..we knew what u see now way back then and uall called it apartied..this is now at a point where theres no turning back..SOUTH AFRICA IS FUCKED..and blood is going to flow..what uall seen in the past is but a small taste of whats comming because these people are brutal and have no care for life..God be with South Africa because nobody els will..peace ✌

  2. As a democracy and a safe place to live South Africa is no longer that for both the black and white South Africans now living in constant fear by just going about their normal day to day routine like going to school, just shopping and going to work. Other than permantly putting behind bars or just killing like you would flies or rodents the millions of dangerous black criminals now roaming the streets in South Africa, there is no solution. As the South African whites new masters are now the criminally insane politicians and both the employed and unemployed blacks who are now roaming the streets just to do damage and rob and vandalise any property which is not their own there will never be a solution. The biggest tragedy here is the few white constituants who are still in parliament who are not listened to and who are now seen as someone trying to stop the sea tide from coming in with both hands.

  3. This intimidation process (if I can call it that) is a hallmark of the ANC struggle years, my moderate black colleagues used to complain that they were basically obligated under threat of death of being an Apartheid co-conspirator if they did not partake in the brutal savagery or mass stayaways.

  4. The only news worth watching from South Africa are the daily updates from our dear friend Scott. The rest, newspapers included are just a bunch of Medianites reporters and nothing more than crap. Even the overseas news media who are floating around here are only reporting one side of a story to boost their own views and if they can sneak the words "apartheid" and "racists" into their stories, so much better for their image. Hypocrites and scumbags who hate the whites. The rest I will leave up to Scotty because he can describe it much better.

  5. My daughter is going back to Oinga Boinga today from her holiday in Europe. I'm so frightened for her life. These brainless idiots have systematically destroyed the country since 1994. Another litany of failed African states.

  6. Bunch of lazy little fuck heads that have not worked in a day this is how clever the African of color is everything for free as they had been promised by a government that can not even pay to keep lights on in the country I really hope to leave this shit hole in the next few months and leave it to blacks to destroy and make it like it was 100 years ago as that is how they want to live and that is how they will forever be useless waste of air and time and resources of the world they really no good for themselves or any other person of color ie whites Indian and so on what a bunch of useless things

  7. Black Rule ! NICE. Nope ! No power for uselessness thank you ! Who will pay ? EFF !!!! Every thing for free……. MAL – EMMA . MAD – EMMA. HAHAHAH. Schools?? They dont need it . They are very brite people. Thy think every body should be like them. Beat others to do as they do ….?? What ? Thats not HUMAN ! NOT BY A LONG SHOT ! call these ass holes because of this shit going on. ASS HOLES: 1) 0813039444 2) 079908 2732 3) 0797873997

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