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ANNA MAY WONG: IN HER OWN WORDS | Ladies Make Motion pictures | Trailer – jj

ANNA MAY WONG: IN HER OWN WORDS | Ladies Make Motion pictures | Trailer

Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words A film by Yunah Hong US, 2011, 56 minutes, Color, DVD, English Anna May Wong knew she wanted to be a movie star from …



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  1. "something that was different about her?" "don't want to call it an obstacle?" let's call it for what it is – she wasn't a star like she should've been b/c she she was an asian american actress in a racist institution

  2. An enchanting talent. I feature Anna May Wong on my website and try to bring her new fans through showing her movies to audiences that might not have been aware of her before. I get messages from people that have visited http://www.HaremCinema.com and are finding her for the first time. They are all very flattering about her acting, which is nice to see. Thank you for sharing this piece with us all too.

  3. She was a talented actress; beautiful, very, very intelligent, with a slender, elegant figure that made her look wonderful in fashionable clothes. She should have been a bigger star than she was allowed to be.

  4. She was a star, but not as big as she could have been. I saw this biographical film (documentary) in it's entirety. I'm white, but at the end of this film, I was in tears, because of that and because she died so young, and never married. History is amazing and for the most part forgotten and lost to time, but I am amazed by those trailblazers who were first at something important in the world, or invented something that would benefit mankind. This was a great documentary, and I had never previously heard of Anna May Wong. So thank you Yunah Hong for educating the world and preserving the memory, and for the beautiful piano soundtrack.

  5. Part of this is not true. Wong was a third generation Chinese-American. Both her father's and mother's family had been in the U.S. since 1855. Also note that in her movies Wong speaks with a Mid-Atlantic accent and not a Western accent. She was a wonder actress.

  6. She reminds me of Ms. Alice Yang…one of my most BRILLIANT, gifted and talented flute protoges…she wanted (after a couple of months of lessons) to go and play CHRISTmas duets with me on the San Antonio River ! "We can make MONEY…you'll see…people will give us TIPS!" LOL

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