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Apple Has a Secrecy Drawback – jj

Apple Has a Secrecy Drawback


If there’s any take away from Apple’s past week, it’s that the company’s culture of secrecy isn’t nearly what it once was.

In just the last several days, several leaks from Apple’s supply chain provided new details about the company’s plans for new iPhones in 2020. The leaks included images and videos showing so-called “dummy,” or non-working, iPhones for this year that reveal a lot of likely changes in design.

Amid all the leaking, Apple is said to have unleashed its plumbers. But if this week is any indication, getting people to stay quiet wont be easy.

Of course, Apple’s week didn’t only center on leaks. The company is also said to be working on original podcasts. And once again, we heard about Apple’s plans to reduce its reliance on manufacturing in China.

It’s been an interesting week in Apple headlines. Read on to find out more:

Hands-On Time with 2019 iPhones

Apple-tracking site MacRumors this week got its hands on three 2019 iPhone dummy units. In most cases, those dummy units are inoperable, but are produced from the final drawings Apple’s engineers send to manufacturing partners to create devices. In images and videos, MacRumors showed iPhones that had 5.8-, 6.1-, and 6.5-inch screens. They also have big, bulky square camera bumps on the back and, for the 5.8- and 6.5-inch models, have three cameras. The 6.1-inch version has two cameras. We don’t know for sure whether they dummies are identical to the final 2019 iPhone design, but there’s a good chance they are.

A 3D Sensor Next Year?

Apple is working on a 3D-sensing camera for its 2020 iPhones, according to a report this week from tech news site DigiTimes. That sensor would enable the rear-facing camera to sense depth and snap photos in 3D. It’s unclear how it may be used in the real world, but it would be the first iPhone lineup equipped with the feature.

Tiny, Powerful Chips

Apple may include a new, 5nm chip in next year’s iPhones, Apple-tracking site 9to5Mac reported this week. Apple’s current iPhones run on the 7nm chip. In the processor industry, the smaller the nanometer measure, the smaller the chip size. The smaller the chip size, the less room it’ll take up inside a smartphone. Those space-savings often lead to revamped smartphone designs and thinner cases.

Apple Responds to the Leaks

Apple is displeased with all of the recent iPhone leaks. According to sources cited by tech news site The Information, Apple is launching countermeasures to limit leaks from its supply chain, including fining factories from where the leaks originate and using metal detectors to stop employees from walking out the door with yet-unreleased devices.

Apple Moves to Podcasts

To boost interest in its Apple Podcast app, Apple is secretly recruiting talent to bring exclusive podcasts to its service, Bloomberg reported this week. Apple’s strategy isn’t clearly set yet, according to the report, but the company believes that obtaining exclusive rights to popular podcasts, and creating new shows, could help it keep competitors Spotify and Stitcher from dominating the market. Spotify has been snapping up several podcast companies in recent months to build its own service.

An AirPods Change

Apple will start manufacturing some of its AirPods wireless earbuds in Vietnam this year, the Nikkei Asian Review reported this week. Apple currently produces them in China, but wants to reduce its reliance on the country for manufacturing and is therefore shifting location for at least part of its AirPods production. It would be the first time Apple has ever manufactured AirPods outside of China.

One More Thing…

Apple this week debuted a new video discussing in more detail its upcoming original series For All Mankind. The show, which is expected to debut alongside its Apple TV+ streaming service later this year, is a drama that envisions NASA’s space exploration as a core component in government and politics.

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