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bodybuilding train: pullups for lats – jj

bodybuilding train: pullups for lats

video clips showing proper form for the pullup exercise. This is the key exercise for building your lats if you are doing home workouts. If you are advanced, you …


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  2. Good video's. Pull ups are a very important and really really good exercise that almost every guy that wants to get and nice body, doesn't do.. There is one really important and really good home exercise that you left out.. and that is "Dips" with 2 chairs or anything else you can use to do them on. 😉

  3. I wanted to keep the clip short and just show about 3 reps. The main thing I wanted to illustrate is that even when you are doing the last rep, smooth and slow is the rule. Many people start doing jerky, flappy, kicky things the last reps and that is just plain dangerous.

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