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Chest Exercise With The Excellent Pushup® | Excellent Health – jj

Chest Exercise With The Excellent Pushup® | Excellent Health


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  1. Do not do 8 count bodybuilders while using the perfect pushup. 8 count bodybuilders are a superb exercise when using just your body. However, the rotating handles can cause strains sprains and torn ligaments especially when close to muscle failure.
    The only use for the perfect pushup device is for regular pushups and elevated feet push ups. Any other exercises are a dangerous marketing gimmick.
    Our Special Tactics Team jumped on the Perfect Pushups fad to add something new to our workouts. Doing any other workouts besides pushups led to injuries requiring the 2-5 week rehabilitation of 36 personnel.
    While it is true many of our personnel handles the regimen without any problems, the amount of fatigue, general flexibility, and luck lead to many problems. Only use the Perfect Pushup for its intended purpose, to do a pushup.

  2. holy cow… this thing kicks my butt every time! I can't yet make it to the end; heck not even the middle. However, after just couple weeks I am much further along and I can tell a major difference. Pushing on

  3. Holy shit. I remember when I first got these in high school of 2006, I thought the model was huge and my goal was to look just like him. Now, looking at him 10 years later, I can't believe I ever thought that.. Dude's so tiny.

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