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Commute speak: How you can enhance as a programmer – jj

Commute speak: How you can enhance as a programmer

Some practical advice 🙂


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  1. also documentation, (manpage, making a demo video or a homepage etc). If it is really difficult to describe the purpose and/or how to use a program, it is probably not a good program or at least poorly designed. Also, just making the code public is something that force us to write better code.

  2. Your experience at Apple matched mine. I definitely felt like even if I had time to work on side projects, management would never let me put them out in the world, and I definitely saw a path to stagnation if I continued to work there 🙁

  3. Thanks for these videos. You are such an inspiration, man. I've been stuck in tutorial hell for quite some time, I think reading (and writing) bigger programs is so difficult. How do you get to that next level? Do you think one should deep dive into a big program or keep writing small programs till it's comfortable?

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